3 Quick Customer Success Lessons From the Pileated Woodpecker

How the woodpecker teaches CSMs to be more productive, creative and resilient?
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The animal kingdom is full of insightful lessons and wisdom about business for those who seek them. So, what can a Customer Success Manager (CSM) learn about taking better care of his clients? In this infographic, we get to take a look at Strikedeck own mascot, the Pileated Woodpecker, for some quick lessons about Customer Success that every CSM should keep in mind.

  1. Be Productive: Woodpeckers can peck 20 times a second, or 8,000-12,000 times a day. In the same way, every client success manager has to try and find ways to reach out to as many customers as possible on a daily basis. Whatever be the problem faced by a CSM’ client, proactively try to tackle the issue. Fixing customer issues quickly helps in building relationships. Ultimately, the goal of Customer Success is client success, and leads to increase in customer lifetime for the company.
  2. Be Creative: Woodpeckers can’t sing. Instead, they drum on objects like hollow trees to communicate, attract mates, and mark territory. Similarly, think out of the box to come up with creative solutions for your customers difficult problems or try building the relationship like: Once after Onboarding new clients, it can be good to summarize everything that has been covered and set up processes for interactions in the future. Have a point person for the account, and provide clients with the resources, support numbers, knowledge base links, help articles, and their own personal Customer Success Manager to serve as their point person for the rest of the partnership. If you make sure to assess their strengths, goals, pain points, and need for speed, while providing a consistent and cohesive experience, you’re on the right path to securing their enduring loyalty
  3. Be Resilient: Despite all the pecking, Woodpeckers don’t get headaches. Similarly, CS Managers should not let themselves get overwhelmed taking care of their customers. A CSMs job is a juggling act. In the midst of all the daily action, it can seem impossible to prioritize and manage your time well, especially when you’re reacting to events, instead of proactively setting a schedule. With never ending task list on a CSMs calendar, it’s important that they take out some time for themselves. Practice delegating work with your team members, by sharing the workload a lot of tasks can be accomplished. Besides, you will be left with some more time to focus on other more important customer success goals.