To maintain a successful business, you must focus on many tasks. However, one of the most pressing aspects of running a successful business is retaining customers. This is especially true now that the pandemic has shaken the entire business ecosystem, causing the average customer to search for value above all else.

In the most recent episode of Strikedeck Radio, we had a very interesting conversation with Meredith Blanchar, Senior VP of Customer Success and Support at SailPoint. SailPoint is a cutting-edge software that helps companies protect data and secure their systems.

Meredith is an expert on customer experience. With roots in account management, she found her true calling in Customer Success and has been an evangelist ever since! She has helped SailPoint truly focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences, with value delivery being the corner-store of success.

Laser-Focus on Customer Value

The events that unfolded during 2020 have paved the way for most businesses to revamp their customer success models. This shift has caused many companies to turn to customer success teams to help them rework their value statements and learn how to put the customer first. According to Meredith, moving into 2021 and beyond, companies should focus on the following areas in order to ensure meaningful customer encounters.

1. Effort

One of the top things companies should pay attention to is how much effort they put into satisfying their customers. How long does it take them to reach out if they have a question or concern? What is the protocol to resolve pressing issues that could destroy customer relationships? Issue resolution and the process that follows is very critical to ensuring that the voice of the customer is heard across the organization and concerns are being addressed in a timely manner. 

2.Customer Onboarding

Focusing on value has convinced experts like Meredith to change the way they view onboarding. According to Meredith, rather than providing tools and leaving things to chance, companies should periodically meet with customers and guide and assist customers where needed. In cases of dissatisfaction, this meeting gives the account management/customer success team the opportunity to course-correct.

3. Expand Alignment Goals

Companies should also work on expanding alignment goals. Rather than waiting until a potential client is ready to be onboarded, CS teams should track all interactions and work on proactively making sure that their customers get to the “aha moment” as soon as possible.  

4. Measuring uncontrolled variables

In the face of uncertainties, collaborate with customers, and learn how to work with them to set and achieve realistic goals. You should create milestones to help your company stay on track and further identify metrics to measure success.

Benefits of Shifting to a Value Focus

One of the major benefits of shifting to a value-focused model is that it helps companies deliver better products and services for their customers. By putting the customer first and ensuring a two-way feedback loop, you can set off a chain of events that guarantees success for both the company, as well as the customer.

Getting Started

If you are interested in driving expansion and transitioning to a value-focused model, the first thing you need to do is look at how you are measuring or incentivizing your teams. Companies should focus on metrics such as outcome achievement and customer effort scores, in order to boost adoption and retention.

Either way, if you are thinking about setting up or restrategizing your customer success practice, contact our team of experts here at Medallia Strikedeck or take a look at our resources.

Zahra Iqbal

Product Marketing Manager, Medallia, Strikedeck