5 Key Steps When Investing in a CS Team

When Investing in a Customer Success Team?
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This infographic outlines five different strategies that should be implemented when investing in a Customer Success team, such as establishing a strong foundation of knowledge of your customers and ensuring that information is accurately shared across the entire organization. Most importantly, you have to ensure that your customers are happy using your product(s) and are meeting their business goals.

The scope of customer relationship management system is to create value for customers and the company over a longer period of time. Customer relationship management software does the work of gathering and storing all the information into one cohesive unit. By information we mean all activities related to your prospects and customers, send emails, make calls, create reports, schedule appointments, add notes, manage your pipeline, and find out who’s opened your latest email—all within the CRM system.

All startups have lost customers, even ones that are now unicorns. The key is to listen to feedback, improve, and keep moving on. Mere Customer Service experience don’t serve the purpose. Having a dedicated Customer Success Manager might be a distinct advantage. They won’t worry about their commission, and will focus on the customer 24/7. They’ll help you gain a firm grip on the relations with existing customers. They may even help bring back lost customers. CSMs are there to do what is best for your customers like improving existing customer relations, and building trust that will go a long way.

Think of the investment in CS as a long-term benefit. Your competitors have an edge if they have an established Customer Success team structure, as they are working full time on keeping current customers and setting targets to take on new prospects in your territory. Since, it’s easier than ever for customers to move from one platform to another – they’re no longer tied down to your product – unless your Customer Success professionals provide the appropriate incentives and opportunities for growth.

Customer communication can sometimes be spotty and hard to interpret. There is often a gap between what the customer asks for and what they need. An empathetic Customer Success representative understands her customers’ needs and acts as the customer’s voice within the organization. Excellent communication skills are an essential tool in every CS professional repertoire. To be effective, customer communication has to be timely, appropriate and delivered through the right medium. Tie your customer communication to in-app messages, email, phone call interactions.