5 Steps For Achieving a Flawless Executive Business Review

Executive Business Review
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Preparation is everything; if the foundation of your meeting isn’t set, you’re already on shaky ground. Since, this is an executive-level meeting, come prepared with the right data point and visuals to backup your points. Show your customers how they have improved by using your product, and demonstrate how your contributions made a difference. Candid feedback is key on both sides, and accept negative feedback as an opportunity to improve, instead of a dig against your best efforts. At the end of the meeting, summarize quickly and then plan for next quarter, so you know the targets to hit next time.

This infographic demonstrates the five steps for achieving a flawless executive business review:

  1. Prepare: Before you meet with your customers, it is worthwhile to go over the goals and key figures from previous meetings. Show that you’ve registered their concerns, and remembered the issues that were important to them. Before the business review, it’s crucial to prepare the right collateral that makes your presentation a visual case in point.
  2. Invite Executives: It’s important to structure these reviews from the top down, with the highest executive leading their reports through the process. This allows the customers to see the progress and direction coming from the top.
  3. Provide Data: Come in with a clear timeline, plan, and presentation so you can showcase your progress. Provide details about the product onboarding or display the Customer Success dashboard to give a clear picture of where they are in journey map. Metrics are a great way to present growth, without being too heavy for everyone to follow. If you can complement your metrics with the appropriate visuals, you can quickly demonstrate your product’s value and ROI.
  4. Discuss Performance: Ask your customers how they have benefited or progressed with your product. Make sure you gather customer feedback. This will help you know if you have succeeded in meeting their expectations. You can strengthen your review by presenting the results of customer survey previously conducted.
  5. Plan Next Step: If you agree to take on more goals than are feasible for your team, the likelihood at the next business review is that you wouldn’t have been able to deliver on those key action items. There’s nothing worse than under delivering on basic expectations, so instead, identify a few achievable goals, and shoot for one or two extra action items to surprise and delight your customers.

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