5 Steps to a Flawless Business Review

Steps to a Flawless Business Review
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Whether you have your client review sessions every month, quarter, or longer time frame, the fundamentals are always the same. You need data to back up your assertions, and the right people in the room to witness the success of the past quarter. Include stakeholders, execs, and the daily managers, who all have a role to play in the success of the account. Have visuals that illustrate the past meeting’s goals, and charts to back up how you’ve met them. Plan for the next session, and choose achievable metrics that will present your business at its best.

Processes are critical in any Customer Success interaction. Business success managers should implement processes to manage common account situations. These include processes for on-boarding, training, escalations, business reviews, renewals, and upsells / cross-sells. It is also beneficial to set up programs for customer advocacy, lifecycle marketing, and early warnings. At an early stage, it is advisable to prioritize development of streamlined processes for escalations, renewals and business renewals/upsell. These processes should also be somewhat transparent to the customer, so that you can manage their expectations during each part of the phase. As you scale, all of these processes can be automated with the help of Customer Success playbooks.

Though, business reviews are often not prioritized or omitted when teams are going through busy periods, it is important to utilize QBRs as a Customer Success best practice. Deprioritizing business reviews leaves money on the table, and does not solidify adoption with your users. If progress isn’t reviewed and business success solutions optimized, you cannot capitalize on the gains made. A QBR should be conducted to look at the customer’s KPIs and apply metrics to show that business goals are being achieved. If you are not monitoring your customer’s goals and conveying the successful results back to them, it is tough to expect the customer to renew or expand.

Preparing a business review is a teamwork. Just as a well-managed professional team will help you achieve Customer Success goals in no time, so will an experienced team help in presenting a flawless business review. Therefore, while forming a Customer Success team, it is important to involve experienced professionals from multiple departments like Customer Service, Sales, Accounts, Technical, Public Relations, and you may even employ professional Customer Success consultants. The team should excel at Customer Relationship Management and should be well-equipped to handle customer interactions like emails, feedback calls, chats, etc. Although today’s CRM software are designed to help businesses meet the overall goals of customer relationship management but team members have to fill in the space which technology cannot.

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