Ankit Sobti
Founder & CTO

Prem Viswanath
CBO & Co-Founder


Which type of profile makes a good customer advocate?

  • Conventional wisdom would say that your happiest customers are the best advocates.
  • However, it’s perhaps your most engaged customers – those who are constantly bombarding you with problems, ideas, and queries that are your best advocates.
  • A customer may not be happy, but if they are pushing you to be better and you are solving for their pain, then they are your best customers, as they are highly invested in you and your product.

Who owns Customer Advocacy?

  • Customer Advocacy and Customer Success need to be in the cultural DNA of the company, everyone has a responsibility to create advocates for the company.
  • Customer Success owns the process of converting a customer into an advocate. They are the enablers that actively work with customers to solve their problems and ensure they are deriving maximum value from the product.
  • Marketing owns the messaging. They are the ones that create case studies and other collateral using testimonials from the customers to provide social proof to prospects and existing customers. They ensure that correct insights and benefits are highlighted that’ll be relevant for others.

In the early stages of operation, a startup sometimes cannot afford a tool to monitor account health, so what is an alternative best practice one can start with?

  • Simply monitor and respond on the channels you are communicating with your customers. This could be via email, forums, a simple help-desk, social media, phone lines, and more.
  • The tool is not important; the attitude of listening and working with your customers is. If need be, pick up the phone and talk to them, understand their challenges, and solve for them as soon as possible. The most important thing is to be responsive and easily reachable.
  • Yes, a simple metric (such as NPS or CSAT) can help guide the Customer Success process, as it helps focus your attention to areas which need most attention. Customer Success tools can be implemented later.

Which organizational function benefits most from Customer Advocacy?

  • Practically everyone benefits from Customer Advocacy. Marketing is able to open more doors, Sales can close more deals, and the company can attract better talent. Yes, there are tangible benefits in the way of revenue, but intangible benefits such as perception and image of the company are garnered as well.