Success is more than just good intentions

All organizations strive to serve customers in the best way possible. But winning customers requires more than just “trying.” They expect businesses to prioritize and address their pressing challenges in real-time.

As CS leaders, we need to ensure our collective efforts are focused and well-aligned in meeting customer’s goals (or overall success). Hence, delivering success is more than just good intentions. It goes beyond that.

In other words, we need to identify the most important value to the customer and create or deliver this value. It includes investing in the right tools, resources, improving customer experiences, and re-evaluating current and existing strategies to adapt to their changing conditions.

Making sense of data

Customer data (VoC, product feedback, usage, used KB articles, opened support tickets) tells the story of how we should engage and enhance our interaction with customers.

Not only does this help us make more informed decisions, but it also allows us to connect emotionally with our customers as we learn about their business and their changing preferences. It should guide us to identify and eliminate the friction that stops them from achieving their success.

Tapping into customer feedback will help implement relevant changes to improve the brand experience, solutions’ value, or exceeding their expectations.

Winning customer’s loyalty

While we can not control much of what is happening today, we can’t turn a blind eye and hold ourselves unaccountable for NOT helping customers get the most value they want from solutions and partnerships.

Customer loyalty is not an act of reward for our services; it is the direct result or consequence of their success. It is a commitment that customers expect from us as an organization, regardless of our role and where we sit on the organizational chart. 

When we create and maintain exceptional customer experiences that meet customer expectations and business needs, they continue their business with us. This is a key element of winning customer loyalty.

Thanks, Kristi, for the great interview. I look forward to future collaboration similar to this.

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Vincent Manlapaz, is a Customer Success Advocate at Strikedeck. He is passionate about Customer Success and is always willing to learn more!
Vincent Manlapaz

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