Customer experience has grown at the speed of light. Not only has it evolved from traditional service engagement but it also works today to bridge business value and meet customer needs.

I spoke with Annette Franz, CCXP, Founder and CEO at CX Journey Inc., to discuss the role of customer experience today and some of the foundational elements of delivering a great customer experience.

The biggest challenge for the role today, Annette shares, comes in three-fold. (1) Building products that not only satisfy customers’ needs but also solve their current and existing challenges. (2) Maintaining and growing a sustainable relationship that matches customers’ expectations. (3) Improving and enriching the customer experience to genuinely reflect customer motivations and goals, as well as desired business growth.

One foundational element of CX is listening to customers, improving the brand experience, and ensuring (or seeing) success happens by solving their business challenges. It also includes the value customers get and the opportunities they can take advantage of when partnering with us.

Shaping customer perception

Many companies are focused on improving their internal business strategies. But strategy alone will not succeed without strong alignment with customer goals and desired success.

Understanding customers, their current and existing needs, challenges, and the market they serve will help position their business value to enable their customers to succeed, innovate, and achieve high-value outcomes.

Our goal is to empower and enable customers to become efficient and effective by using our technology or solution’s value.

When customers recognize the growth potential and the various opportunities they can achieve while using our product/technology – we do not only achieve what was promised during the sales process – but also improve our brand credibility. It will result in brand advocates and referrals.

Remember, we can’t meet or exceed customer expectations if we fail to deliver or achieve the success they want. Elevating and guaranteeing their success as they work with us propel the business relationships forward.

Building customer experience

Customer insights are critically important nuggets that allow us to understand the needs and challenges that are taking place in our customers’ business ecosystem. 

Without customers’ involvement, we can’t drive or provide value that is appropriate for their business. Remember, it is about them and the problems they want to solve.

To establish a deeper connection, we need to shift our focus to the success they can achieve, not just what we think our solution can do for them. The following elements should also be included to ensure meaningful interaction:

(1) their needs and how they will evolve over time
(2) anticipate (and ask) what could go wrong in their journey
(3) set purposeful activities to achieve the success they want or expect most

If all of these are considered, we can create a seamless customer journey and understand what works and what does not work. Similarly, we would also be able to improve the value of our service or solution, since we know what customers were thinking and doing. Supporting and strengthening the customer’s vision and mission serve as the backbone of our customer success efforts.

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Vincent Manlapaz, is a Customer Success Advocate at Strikedeck. He is passionate about Customer Success and is always willing to learn more!
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