Building Your Customer Journey Map

Building customer Journey Map
When planning your customer journey map, consider all the touchpoints that are trackable. Think about the map from the perspective of the customer, instead of your CS team. Make it easier for your company to track by defining the transitions between various teams, and choosing the success milestones each is responsible for. Get feedback from your customers on the journey map to see if there is anything they’d add. Measure the results and check and optimize for future customers. By actively leveraging the power of your in-product usage data throughout your customer journey, you can guide your customer, help them realize the value of your product, and keep them on the path to Customer Success.

The Customer Journey map is an inside-out view of your CSM pipeline. The Customer Journey Map provides a comprehensive, visual representation of all your customers, segmented by pipeline stages. For example: Customers in Onboarding, Growth, Renewal or Churned.

  • Customer journey roadmap has to be designed from the perspective of your customer.
    Identify handoffs between departments in the customer success journey and set clear plans of transition period during handoffs.
  • Define success milestones: Show customers the progress and success they are getting from your product. For example: If you have milestones in your onboarding journey, check if your customers are moving through the steps or do, they slow down/stall at certain points.
  • Share and validate: Share the journey map with customers and get their feedback. Customer journey map examples: How do you keep track of progress? When are the dates scheduled for Onboarding training? What are the target dates for the customer journey? How is the management of initial support issues handled? Who owns the process from start to finish?

Today’s business world is more focused than ever on delivering an outstanding experience that goes beyond the buying journey, and across the entire customer lifecycle journey. With CX becoming the most important brand differentiator, the need to deliver an exceptional customer experience is at an all-time high. The solution to this is having the best customer journey mapping tools that help businesses understand the customer touch-points. These tools allow users to visualize the journey using flow charts, diagrams and other more technically sophisticated charts.

The end goal is to provide product or service that fulfills the customer’s needs. The goal of journey mapping is to get a clear understanding of your customer, right from the way they interact with your brand and how you work on providing a consistent brand experience at every customer touch point. The goal of SaaS customer journey isn’t merely about selling but retaining customers via subscription, which heavily depends on the customer experience. The product and service is required to be consistent and continually increase in value.