Gainsight vs Strikedeck

Evaluating Gainsight competitors in your CSM solution search?
Strikedeck is a powerful, data-driven alternative to Gainsight.
The best Customer Success organizations know that CS is about data – bringing it together, drawing insights, and consistently acting on those insights across the team.

Discover why these industry leaders are choosing Strikedeck over competitors like Gainsight.

Data From Everywhere

Your customer data lives everywhere – CRM, Support, Financials, CLM, product usage trackers, and even in email.  Your CSMs need a single window into this data across multiple sources.  Solutions like Gainsight rely on data that is already in Salesforce.  But that will not work for you, given that your data is everywhere.

With 50+ (and growing rapidly) packaged connectors, Strikedeck has built an extremely flexible platform that can pull data from any source using APIs, flat files, direct access, tracking beacons, data from analytics platforms and app monitoring platforms, database access and external data warehouses.  Or you can push data in using Strikedeck’s APIs.  More likely than not, our packaged connectors will do the trick, but should you need more, Strikedeck has you covered.

360° Customer Health

You need a 360-degree view of your customer.  But this is not just about pretty visualizations.  Your CSMs need to know where they should focus to deliver the most value to your customers.  You need to provide them with dashboards that reflect the needs of your business and your customers and guide your CSMs appropriately. Solutions like Gainsight provide a limited set of dashboards that provide some basic insights, but rarely enough to empower your CSMs.

With Strikedeck, you can deploy powerful dashboards that bubble up real-time insights to your CSMs, so they know exactly what they need to do at any given time.  Strikedeck applies machine learning and advanced statistical techniques to tease out valuable insights from your data, and present them in a manner that is easy to understand and highly actionable.  Your CSMs have never had this much power at their fingertips!

Dynamic Segmentation

Top-performing Customer Success organizations segment their customers according to their unique needs and characteristics and apply appropriate techniques to each segment.  Having created these segments, you need to be able to deploy consistent best practices by segment across your team.  Solutions like Gainsight offer limited segmentation capabilities, and limited ability to act on these segments.

Strikedeck’s advanced segmentation allows your business users to create dynamic segments on the fly, view KPIs and other relevant metrics by segment, and deploy playbooks and recipes by segment.  Best of all, Strikedeck’s advanced automation allows you to deploy this to your entire team at the click of a button.

Helping customers become wildly successful with our products is our #1 priority. Strikedeck allows us to integrate multiple data sources into a single dashboard, giving us a measurable and actionable Customer Success scorecard.

Francis Adanza

Vice President of Marketing, Zephyr

Best in Class Automation

Automation is the key to scaling your Customer Success operations as your business grows without compromising on your service levels.  Your automation needs to span the gamut of Customers Success – from data integration to playbooks, customer communications and outreach campaigns.  But the true power of automation lies in being able to automate your responses to important events, regardless of their frequency or criticality.  Conventional Customer Success platforms such as Gainsight miss this point almost in their entirety or treat it as a lucrative (for themselves) services opportunity.

Strikedeck’s powerful automation engine enables you to track every event and automate your response to it with very little human involvement.  Built with the business user in mind, it lets your business users translate business requirements into automated responses, which means that your Customer Success team is now empowered to innovate with little to no IT involvement.

Rapid Time to Value

Time is money.  You cannot waste your valuable time on getting your Customer Success platform up and running.  A successful deployment starts with bringing your data into the platform.  You then need to setup your dashboards, workflows, playbooks, customer communications and more.  Conventional Customer Success platforms such as Gainsight force you to follow a rigid program that is often more expensive and takes longer to complete than you expected.

Strikedeck is engineered from the ground up to work the way you do – whether it is about your data architecture and distribution, or the policies defined by your IT needs or the workflows and playbooks that your are specific to your business.  This means that you can be live on a solution that works the way you want it to in a matter of days, not weeks.

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