Customer 360 Template

Strikedeck’s Customer 360 Template was made to be the one-stop solution for all your basic Customer Success needs.

This automated spreadsheet will help you keep track of all your current and past customers, contracts, and contacts, while generating an individual health score for each of your existing customers via their NPS score, number of open support tickets, and days to renewal. Quick reports can be easily created through the analysis tab, and tasks can be tracked on the task manager.

If you’re looking for a quick, easy-to-use, yet robust, solution for your CS needs, Strikedeck’s Customer 360 Template is the tool for you. Best of all? It’s absolutely free!

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Here’s How It Works:

Step 1: Add New Customers
Start out by adding new customers to the Customer List tab.

New customers and contracts should always be added here before being put into the Customer 360 tab.

Make sure you have a Customer Reference (Ref) number for each customer.

Step 2: Set Scoring Rules
Next, start setting the scoring rules. These rules will determine how the Health Scores will be calculated in the Customer 360 tab.
First, set the rules for how days to renewal, NPS score, and the number of open support tickets will be scored from a range of 1-10.
Second, determine how much importance should be placed on each metric. The more important it is, the higher the percentage should be. All three must add up to 100%.
Third, determine which health scores will be marked red (unhealthy), yellow (risky), and green (healthy).
Step 3: Watch the Magic Happen
Now, you’re ready to start adding customers to the Customer 360 tab. Simply copy all the formulas down to a new row, and type in the Customer Ref code. All fields will auto-populate. You will only need to manually fill in the NPS score and open support tickets.

The health score will then be generated.

Step 4: Get Analytics
Go to the Analytics tab to check out some quick statistics and charts that are generated based on the data in your Customer 360. You may have to click Refresh Data on the Pivot Charts whenever you make a change in the Customer 360.
Step 5: Track Tasks
Lastly, use the Tasks tab to add and track all tasks that CSMs have to complete.
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