The Customer Journey in Pictures

The common caveat with making broad statements about the customer journey is that each product vertical has a different nurturing process they use, and varied profiles of customers for each segment. As a result, while the customer journey cannot generally be completely standardized across your customer base, there are some basic practices and mindsets that can prove to be essential.

Think about a recent purchase you’ve made. How did you find out about the product or service? Were you a repeat customer? Did you buy online? What did you think of your purchase—and how likely are you to recommend that same product or service to another person?

Those are all key components of the customer journey, and each spot along that journey represents the perils and possibilities of finding and retaining customers. But first, you have to figure out what your company’s customer journey in particular looks like. Once you do that, you can better figure out the right ways to market to potential and current clients.

This week, we have partnered with Ghergich and Salesforce’s Marketing Hub to share a visual take on the customer journey. Here are some key rules to keep in mind – “It’s not a journey to a purchase, it’s a journey to a relationship.”; “Your customer journey map needs to be based on metrics”; and “Just 29% of enterprise companies rate themselves as very effective at creating a cohesive customer journey.” Use these tips below to make sure you’re not in that 29%!

Customer Journey Maps