Customer Management Process

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Why is There a Need for a Customer Management Process?

In the fast-paced business arena of today, every company needs its own customer management process in order to keep growing their market share, improve their products and services, and rise above the competition.

The amount of time, resources, and effort a company devotes to developing a comprehensive customer management process pays off directly, most often with increased retention – and increased profitability.

What Is a Customer Management Process?

A Customer Management Process is how an organization carries out its customer-facing activities. The rate of growth of a customer is directly proportional to the growth of the company! As such, the company’s performance reflects the quality of the customers’ experience. The more dissatisfied customers a company has, the higher the risk of churn. Similarly, the greater the number of happy customers a company accumulates, the more loyal customers, brand advocates, and retained customers the company will cultivate.

In a customer management process, the focus is on the Strategy, Process, People and Technology of the Customer Success Manager role, and the relationships between these elements in current practice.

When Does the Company Benefit?

A company benefits when its customers achieve their desired outcomes using that company’s product and services. This means that business processes should always be designed to be customer-centric. Today, customer engagement and relationship management strategies have a significant role to play in ensuring that customers realize the true value of their investment, and continue to be interested in the service.

Key Factors in a Customer Management Process

Customer Satisfaction

The philosophy that the customer comes first has to be an essential piece of company culture. The organization has to align itself with the customers’ needs to in order to be able to identify sales opportunities and produce customized, high-quality products, that consumers will find valuable.

Customer Engagement

It’s very important to get involved with customers throughout their journey. One key way to hold on to the interest of a customer is to consistently deliver great service, which can permanently cement a bond between CSM and client.

Relationship Management Strategies

Relationship building is a long-term investment, but the returns are guaranteed if it’s done right. RMS, when implemented with skill, builds trust in the brand that makes customers come back for more, and becomes advocates for the brand through positive word of mouth endorsements.

A Customer Success Platform for Growth

Strikedeck’s Customer Success Platform allows businesses to develop a centralized customer management process within the system. The 360° dashboard makes use of segments, usage data, interaction history and more to develop real-time insights into customer health. Along with simple navigation to summaries, renewals, support tickets, tasks, and more, Strikedeck provides companies and CSMs with a cohesive view of their customer base at one glance. At-risk customers are automatically segmented and prioritized, with updates in real time so that CSMs know where to focus their retention energies.

Companies can build win-win action plans based on their customers’ top goals and objectives. Everything that is customer-related can all be completed within the same operations hub. Strikedeck’s shareable customer reports can be linked with any campaign to incentivize more usage, and spark team collaboration.

With Strikedeck, businesses can run customer advocacy, loyalty, appreciation, and reactivation campaigns all from the same interface. Strikedeck identifies when a customer is happy to provide testimonials, case studies, and referrals via key engagement touch points. The platform automatically tags the most valuable customers, and targets the high value customers. Loyalty appreciation campaigns can be customized and automated based on past behavioral trends, while customer reactivation campaigns identify inactive customers with personalized messaging that will have them re-engaging.

A comprehensive Customer Management Process can be effectively and efficiently implemented with Strikedeck’s Customer Success platform.