Customer Onboarding

Onboarding Process Steps
Customer onboarding can sometimes get too caught-up in the details, so it’s always a good idea to take a step back and look at the big picture. The goal of onboarding is to get people using your product in the most productive and quick manner. This infographic presents some other things to consider like – how good your welcome kit is, does it have the right helpful guides for their use case, and have you personalized the content to fit their needs? The onboarding experience should make as strong a case for your offering as the Sales team presented. Test the process internally so you know each step that the customer will traverse. Finally, make it worth their while to stay by getting them to first value as soon as possible.

Client onboarding process is about welcoming new clients to your business and defining the success criteria based on your knowledge of the sales execution process. A client onboarding checklist serves as a roadmap that helps you build a strong relationship with a new client. It shows customers exactly where they are in the process, and many more steps to completion. Customer onboarding flow comprises of collection of customer information like entities directors, it also includes identifications of records, verification, validation and reviewing.

When your company starts to pick up speed and gain many accounts, it’s important that you’re able to swiftly assess each customers’ business and know how to proceed with their personalized onboarding process. Customer onboarding best practices is about understanding customer’ success criteria, setting up expectations, discussing product usage cases. Providing tutorials and documents. Constantly communicate and work on strengthening the relationship. Also, work towards achieving first value at the earliest. Customization is easier to do if you pre-segment your customer base into the related cohorts. For example, if a new customer comes from a particular industry, you can customize the onboarding process steps to emphasize the features they are more likely to appreciate.

The goal of customer onboarding process is simple; that is, to get the customer to achieve a goal they value. When the process involved is more complex, their first success might not be the ultimate goal, but a valuable step in the journey. A customer onboarding plan starts with what success means to your customers and working towards gaining first value at the earliest. Providing the best support by one-to-one conversation through calls or messaging. Besides staying in touch by sending notifications based on their journey stage are of great help.