Customer Success Tools

What is a Customer Success Tool?

Customer Success tools are key to making Customer Success professionals more effective at their jobs. These tools offer the best in automation to boost productivity and efficiency in Customer Success teams. Strikedeck’s Customer Success platform equips you with the tools to understand your customer’s usage trends, harness data analytics, assess customer health, prevent churn, and foster key business partnerships, all in one cohesive system. Learn how Strikedeck can help your team perform better with next-generation tools.

“The quick and easy implementation of our data model within Strikedeck’s ecosystem really impresses our CS team. We are able to get playbooks and surveys automated in no time – I don’t know what we did without Strikedeck!”

Ria Cruz

Manager of Customer Success, Perkville

Strikedeck as a Customer Success Platform facilitates: Growth, Happiness, Upsells, and Retention. The primary goal of any company is revenue growth. With the right tools, any work is already half done. The aim of our CS platform is to allow you to effectively manage your customers in the post-sales ecosystem, and keep up with their real-time engagement.

Strikedeck’s Customer Success platform equips you with tools like:

Customer Health Scores
Strikedeck seamlessly integrates with your Marketing automation, CRM, event tracker, call center, billing system, and other data applications, so you can reach your customers at the right moment, and view all their information in one place.

Integrate Data Sources in a Flash
From Salesforce, Zendesk, Jira, Desk, Marketo, Freshdesk, Act-On, NetSuite and so on; Strikedeck’s Engineering team also builds custom integrations to ingest data from any source.

Automated Workflow Recipes
Allows you to segment customers and take action with tailored campaigns across your user base. They also assist in creating and sharing reports that increase renewals, accelerate upgrades, and keep tabs on customer satisfaction.

Advanced Segmentation
This tool allows CS professionals to group customers into specific buckets by choosing combinations of filters related to profitability, geography, vertical, success potential, product usage, and much more.

Customer Status and Value Report Automation
Strikedeck automates the biggest pain point in Customer Success, aggregating data, calculating value, and formatting reports for customers. With Strikedeck, reports can be automatically generated into Word, Powerpoint, and PDF formats, and personalized with specific customer data. Each report can be customized and delivered directly to the customer via automated workflows.

Customer Communication
Strikedeck communicates with customers in three ways – via emails, surveys, and in-app notifications. Strikedeck’s communication platform’s true power is in enabling personalization and hyper-targeting based on the customer data gathered from different data sources like CRM, communication feedback, and product usage trackers.

Providing Playbooks
Playbooks are an execution script of tasks, notifications, and escalations with relative dates and dependencies. Playbooks ensure consistency and standardization of best practices across the organization. Playbooks are set by an admin or user when an event occurs (New Customers, Account Renewal, New Release…).

Customer Surveys
Strikedeck’s Survey Module helps companies monitor customer health through customizable surveys, and take action based on customer responses. You can create NPS (Net Promoter Score), CSAT (Customer Satisfaction), QBR (Quarterly Business Reviews) and Transactional Surveys (after key events or milestones).

“I love the complete 360° view of our customer journey and lifecycle, as well as the key insights into customer sentiment. Strikedeck is simple, but powerful, and has everything we need to perform optimally as a team.”

Swati Shah

Senior Director, Global Sales Operations, Aryaka Networks

The goal of a CS team is to have increasing numbers of happy customers. Clients are happy when they are successful in achieving their business outcomes through the use of your product. Customer Success tools are designed to allow users to be able to view all their important KPIs and metrics in one place. Strikedeck’s Customer Success platform seamlessly integrates into your product so you can track customer interactions, client satisfaction, and product usage directly within your application and in real-time.