– Download Our Free Onboarding Guide &
The Beginner’s Guide to Customer Success –

Figuring out Customer Success can be a challenging task for newcomers, and even seasoned professionals. That’s why we are offering you two of our favorite resources for absolutely free! Our “How to Craft a Killer Onboarding Process” eBook will guide through everything you need to know to build your own awesome onboarding process that will keep your customers coming back for more. “The Beginner’s Guide to Customer Success” eBook will then bring you through 200+ pages of Customer Success wisdom, meant for professionals looking to transition into Customer Success, or get a complete refresher of all the essentials in the field.

These guides include tips for:

  • Presenting your value proposition
  • Welcoming users personally at scale
  • Setting expectations and sharing resources effectively
  • Tapering off contact using automation
  • How to get started in CS including hiring and interview tips
  • Strategizing onboarding, journey maps, QBRs, and more
  • How to approach CS platforms and automation & much more