Handling Irate Customers the Right Way

Angry and dissatisfied customers are a normal part of business and you cannot evade them. In fact, you need to learn to deal with them if you want your business to be successful. It’s easy to work with satisfied customers, but there will always be those who will always criticize about something. It’s basic human nature, and some people always think they deserve special treatment.

The way your business approaches and deals with these people can make the difference between them going on a spree and telling everyone how your business is terrible or having them spread a positive word of mouth. You might think something like “Well, these are only a few rotten apples…” but consider that spite can go a long way and having a couple of angry customers bad-mouthing your business online can seriously endanger your reputation.

You need to learn how to handle these kinds of customers and turn them from enraged ones into satisfied customers without issues, so here are certain things that you can do.

Teach Your Customer Support Team to Be Calm

When customers are angry, rude, or yelling, your employees must remain calm and avoid responding in a similar way. This will lead nowhere, as you can only escalate the situation further and make the customers even fierce. At the same time, your business will look unprofessional and unreliable, and you don’t want that to happen.
Responding in a similar manner will lead to even more hostility, thus escalating the whole situation to a whole new level. Your goal is to calm things down as business representatives and not make things worse. Professional customer support employees should never argue back with customers.

You need to maintain integrity and take the high road. If a customer is abusing an employee directly, teach them to respond calmly, give them a word of reassurance, understand their troubles, and focus on fixing the issue rather than fighting with customers.

Assume that the Customer is Right

People don’t make mistakes on purpose, but mistakes do happen sometimes. As soon as an angry customer contacts you or enters your store and they start yelling around, you need to take a step back and listen to what they have to say, while presuming that they are right to be complaining even if you don’t still have the details of their order, purchase, or whatever the problem is.

Customer support employees need to restrain themselves by not giving generic answers and by thinking that their customer’s anger is justified. Customers can be angry because they feel that a service or a product didn’t live up to the expectations. A customer could also falsely interpret certain information and make wrong assumptions that will create certain unrealistic expectations.

It doesn’t matter what the actual problem is. It is important to believe your customers and look thoroughly into their case. Pay attention to what they are saying and try to find the source of all the anger to determine how to deal with it.

Implement a Live Chat Solution

A lot of companies are frustrating their customers because they don’t have a constantly available, real-time customer support channel online. Given the fact that a lot of business is being done online today, it is essential to provide quality customer support online as well. On top of that, some customers simply want to talk to someone before they make a purchase decision.

There is nothing more annoying than not having the ability to check what is happening with your order, or having someone give you information you don’t need. This can make customers very angry and cause them to call you to complain or send infuriating emails. Luckily, there is a way you can prevent this and help customers instantly, before their anger builds up – implementing a live support chat software solution.

This is one of the best customer support channels and customers simply love it. It allows them to contact a business instantly and be able to talk to real people in real time online without sending emails and waiting for them to be answered days later. You can even get live chat integration with ms dynamics CRM so that you can instantly see details about customer’s orders, previous purchases, and other important information.

Solve the Problem and Apologize

When the angry customer has finally calmed down, ask them questions about the problem and work together to reach a solution. Find a solution that will be satisfactory to both sides, because if you aren’t able to do this, your conversation will end up where it started again, and you don’t want to go through that ordeal again.

Still, you should try to do everything possible to help your customers but if the issue is on their part and there is no way to solve the problem without harming your business, then don’t overcompensate. Sometimes, customers are stubborn and this is not your fault or responsibility but remain polite.

Offer help if the customer has made a mistake and help them fix things, but don’t let them return products if they broke them on their own by ignoring the instructions. Make sure to be apologetic no matter if you fixed the problem or if they have to do it themselves.

With this kind of approach, you will be able to calm customers down and make them listen to reason. It is important to learn how to handle angry and unsatisfied customers, or you will have a lot of problems.

Jared is a customer-support specialist, a marketing evangelist and a book lover, associated with ProProfs Chat. Jared is passionate about customer support and loves to solve customers’ queries. He is always keen to develop new strategies to help customers seeking live chat assistance for a delightful experience.

Jared Cornell

Customer Support Specialist, ProProfs