Freshdesk Salesforce Integration

Unifying Customer Data

Strikedeck’s Customer Success platform unifies customer data from all channels and systems into a single analytics workflow, processes the data that’s been collected, learns patterns, provides recommendations, and automates conversations across the channels.

Strikedeck’s Freshdesk-Salesforce Integration

Strikedeck’s Freshdesk-Salesforce integration helps you keep your Sales and Support teams in sync by allowing them to share information between their CRM and their helpdesk solution. The integration works both ways, and makes sure that people from either team stay up to date without having to manually log in to different solutions.

Seamless Connection

Strikedeck connects seamlessly with your Freshdesk and Salesforce accounts via Strikedeck’s out-of-the-box integration. You can set up automatic, bidirectional synchronization between Salesforce and Strikedeck at your desired frequency. Customer Success teams can directly access Strikedeck’s user interface for CSMs within Salesforce in the form of a separate tab or widget embedded within the SFDC Account Layout. This enables your team to conveniently view alerts, mark accounts for attention, and review account health and engagement information without leaving SFDC.

Bidirectional Integration

The API integration enables Strikedeck to access data through API calls. Strikedeck has bidirectional connectivity with Salesforce, which means that Strikedeck’s Salesforce Connector pulls data from Salesforce and can also push data back into Salesforce. The Salesforce objects that are usually synchronized are Account, Opportunity, Contact, Contract, and others. Strikedeck can pull and push data from Tasks and Activities as well, even from the Freshdesk Connector. The frequency with which Strikedeck syncs data is configurable; the default is two hours, but it can be less or more frequent based on customer preference.

The Strikedeck Advantage

The advantage of Strikedeck’s Salesforce integration is that the flexibility of both Salesforce and Strikedeck can be leveraged with respect to the ability to map Strikedeck fields to fields in the Salesforce database.

Strikedeck’s Freshdesk integration provides Customer Support insights, so that it’s possible to prioritize customer bugs based on their Customer Health Score, and streamline communication based on past interactions.