While we love our job, and work very hard at it, we also like to enjoy ourselves, and take time to laugh. We’ve found that the best way to let of a little steam is to get our creative juices flowing.

Here you will find a collection of our original Customer Success content, including comics hand-drawn by our CEO, a comic series entitled “My Customer Says…” to make light of the hilarious things we’ve heard (and possibly said ourselves!), inspirational CS posters, and our CS playlist, that provides the customer-facing lessons we can all learn from popular songs. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

"My Customer Says..." - A Strikedeck Comic Series

The first CS comic series that showcases the funniest things we’ve heard our customers say.

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Woodpecker Family

Check out our entire Woodpecker family, featuring Strikedeck’s favorite Woodpecker!

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Customer Success Cartoons

A set of original cartoons that puts a humorous spin on the daily lives of CSMs.

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Customer Success Playlist

A series of songs that draw on the lessons of CS with a musical twist.

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Inspirational Customer Success Posters

Inspire your Customer Success team with these motivational posters.

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