Happiness vs Success

Happiness vs Success
What’s the difference between a happy and successful customer? As a Customer Success Manager, you may think your goal is to make all customers happy. However, we all know that it’s an almost impossible goal. You can’t make everyone happy, but you can try to make everyone successful; and that is the job of a CS professional. This infographic clarifies exactly what makes “happiness” and “success” differently.

The main function of Customer Success is to make customers as successful as possible. While developing a Customer Success Strategy the following steps should be kept in mind.

Step 1: Define the desired outcome for each product and different customer segments.
Step 2: List the success milestones that map out the customer’s path toward their desired outcome
Step 3: Record the level of engagement required on your side to help them reach each Success Milestone
Step 4: Tailor plans for each customer segment and product
Step 5: Create a plan of time, data, and/or event-based actions for different stages within the customer lifecycle.

What do happy customers mean? In short, happy customers are those who are satisfied doing business with your company, either your product was a perfect fit for their requirements because of which they turned out to be successful or your service might have been exceptionally good. Whatever the reason, your customers had a great time because of which they are sure to come back for more.

Customer Success vs Customer Service: Customer Success teams focus on retaining the customers already acquired, and expanding those accounts. In Customer Success, CSMs have access to the full customer profile, so they’re able to make strategic, proactive, & informed decisions, instead of just problem solving like Customer Service. The main difference between Customer Success and Customer Service is the attribute of proactiveness and reactiveness. Proactiveness is an essential attribute for every CSM. If you’re always behind the curve and handling issues once they’ve already become a problem, then you’re performing the role of Customer Service. Therefore, now is the time for Customer Success solutions.

Customer Success vs Customer Experience: Customer Success is a new approach to managing customers and their experiences with your product from the beginning to end of a license agreement. Churn, renewal rates, active user stats are all outcomes of the customer experience, and are influenced by the actions taken by your Customer Success team.

Customer Support vs Customer Success: A great product alone cannot ensure success unless it is accompanied by great service, and customer satisfaction is critical for profitable account expansion. As a result, companies have changed their approach to customer service. Successful companies realize that they need to become “trusted advisors” to their customers.