Hunter: Background

It’s been a couple of weeks since we last talked about how popular SaaS companies onboard their customers. We’ve covered Asana, MixMax, and MailChimp so far, and this week, we’re going to talk about Hunter’s onboarding methods.

Hunter Customer Onboarding

Hunter provides online data, such as email addresses, to create connections between professionals. Hunter lists all the email addresses of a company that are publicly available on the web, and enables its users to find the email address of anyone from their first name, last name, and company website. They do this by establishing a library of company email syntax, so that if you know the person you’d like to contact, you can figure out what their email address would be.

Hunter also has a Chrome extension and which lets you immediately find the email addresses behind the website you are browsing. Hunter also has an email verifier feature that does a complete check of the emails address to ensure that they are deliverable.

Hunter Customer Onboarding

Day 1 – Welcome Email

Once I signed up for Hunter on Hunter’s website, I received an email asking me to verify my email address so that I could get access to my account. Once that was done, I got an email shortly thereafter from François, the co-founder of Hunter, welcoming me to their platform. This email also introduced Hunter’s Chrome extension.

I thought it was good how this email was signed off and sent out by one of Hunter’s co-founders. This is a great way to show users that they are important enough to hear from the founder himself. I also really liked the choice of words used in this email. I felt like I was getting in on exclusive information when François mentioned “If there is just one single tip I’d share…” Using the pronoun I, and having it come from the co-founder directly made me more inclined to try out their Chrome extension. I also thought the ‘Get the Chrome Extension’ button that redirected users to a webpage to download the Chrome extension was a strategic win, as it’s been proven that buttons increase click-through rates.

Hunter Welcome Email - Customer Success

Day 2 – Reached Hunter Quota

I jumped right into using Hunter very quickly and somehow managed to reach my monthly quota in a day. I then received an email from them informing me I reached my quota. Again, I really liked the choice of words Hunter used in this email. Even though the purpose of this email was to inform me that I reached my quota and I can no longer use their service, they managed to convey this message in a very positive way. It made me feel as if my presence would be missed because I can no longer use their service until my quota resets. The email also included a button to ‘Upgrade My Account’, which I thought was a nice touch in the email because, like I mentioned earlier, buttons increase click-through rates. I also liked how they prompted me to directly respond back to the email to receive further assistance.

Hunter onboarding - Hunter Quota

Day 4, Day 7 – Learn a New Feature

By Day 4, the main CSM at Hunter, Giovanni, took over the onboarding process by introducing some adjacent features via email. These emails were pretty standard, but still proved helpful, as they successfully taught me how to use these features. I liked the use of GIFs, as it gave me a better idea on how to use the feature. In addition, these emails also included links to Hunter’s dashboard. The link took me to the page where I can immediately put into practice the new features that I just learned how to use.

Hunter’s website also has video tutorials that walk users through the entire process of using these features. Videos are extremely effective as they grab the audience’s attention quickly. Our brains also process imagery 60,000 times faster than text, and studies has shown that 65% of the general population are visual learners. Moral of the story? – Videos are a great addition to any onboarding strategy.

Hunter customer onboarding - Learn a new feature
Hunter customer success

Key Takeaways

At first, I felt that Hunter’s onboarding process was a little short, as I was only reached out to a couple of times by the team at Hunter. However, I realize that the most probable reason why the onboarding was so short is because Hunter’s service is pretty straightforward, with only a few basic features, most of which were explained to me in the two ‘learn a new feature’ emails. The more advanced features are a little more technical and complicated; and there are resources on Hunter’s website that explain their functionality. In addition, users can also directly contact Hunter’s CSM, Giovanni, by replying to the emails if they face any issues.

Here is a summary of the interactions that Hunter took to onboard me as a user.

Day 1 – Welcome Email
Day 2 – Reached Hunter Quota
Day 4, 7 – Learn a New Feature

That wraps up how Hunter onboarded me to their platform. Despite being shorter than the platforms I profiled previously, I hope it provided you with new insights on and strategies for structuring your onboarding process in the future. Till next time!