Communications Masterclass for CSMs: Part 1

Communication is critical for your success as a CSM. It is the most important competency for you to master. Despite this, when was the last time you actually leveled up your communication skills?

People are not born excellent, effective communicators; they learn, get coaching, and practice. Most people learn by making embarrassing mistakes, and getting corrected by a boss, a more experienced CSM, or, heaven forbid, the customer.

Don’t learn in front of your customer or boss.

In this webinar series, Strikedeck is proud to present Customer Kaizen’s CSM Communications Fast Track, a 3-part training workshop to help CSMs master communication best practices, and quickly improve all facets of their communication skills.

The first module covers the most common mistakes CSMs make when communicating to customers, colleagues, and managers, and how to avoid them. It also covers best practices for any scenario that requires you to be a superior communicator.

Subsequent modules will go in-depth on improving your speaking, non-verbal, and written communication immediately.

Communication Master Class for CSMs: Part One

The first of a three part series to help CSMs rapidly level up critical communication skills. Part One participants will:

1. Understand most common mistakes CSMs make and how to avoid them

2. Understand best practice for communicating in any medium (phone, email, in person, web meeting, chat)

Webinar Modules in this Series:

– Communication Master Class for CSMs: Part One

– Advanced Verbal and Non-verbal Communication Excellence for CSMs

– Advanced Written Communication Excellence for CSMs