Communications Masterclass for CSMs: Part 2

According to Warren Buffet, being a good public speaker can increase the value of a career by 50% (LINK). This year Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, shared the number one soft skill employers across the country are demanding–interpersonal communication. It’s no secret. In business, someone who can build a rapport with a customer and can effectively communicate is highly valuable and has many more opportunities than someone who struggles to speak convincingly.

In Part Two of this Three Part Communications Masterclass for CSMs, we’ll learn how you can improve your speaking ability to engage, align, and collaborate with customers and colleagues. We’ll also learn how to leverage non-verbal communication to build and maintain rapport while reinforcing your spoken messages.

In Part One, we covered common mistakes and best practices for CSMs to leverage to be better communicators. In Part Two, we’ll apply these best practices to help you prepare for and lead customer engagements using your speaking and active listening skills. We’ll explore more complex scenarios that involve comforting an irate customer, and getting realigned after overcoming shared challenges like missed deadlines or extended service interruptions.