Approaching Digital Communication as an Experiment

Digital Communication is becoming increasingly important as SaaS customer volumes continue to grow. The trick to doing it well is leveraging your digital mechanisms, while still maintaining your brand and the personal communication your customers expect.

Embarking on your first customer tech-touch strategy will present you with some key contemplations:

1. When do I want to begin launching digital communications to my customers?
2. How many customers do I start with?
3. What data do I need to get started?
4. What does that communication need to look and feel like?
5. How do I measure how well my strategy is working?

In this Webinar, Carlos Quezada, Head of Customer Success for Aruba Networks a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company and Megan Macaluso, the VP of Strategic Development at ESG will address these challenges and further discuss how Carlos’ “digital-first” philosophy led to a cohesive communication strategy for Aruba Central Customers.