Strikedeck’s QBR Powerpoint Template was made to be your quick solution for amazing slides in your upcoming Quarterly Business Review. Customer QBRs are a fantastic opportunity to showcase how your business has been adding value to the customer. Giving executives a good impression, especially in the first meeting, can go a long way in reducing the chances for churn.

Don’t let the opportunity go to waste with poorly-designed slides! Our template gives you a great range of slides and layouts that you can use to create and customize the perfect slide deck. Scroll down to read more about the amazing slides you’ll find in this FREE template!

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Here’s What You’ll Find Inside:

1. Attendees List

First off, you’ll find the attendees list. Use this slide to introduce all key persons who will attending the meeting, just so everyone knows who’s there. If you have more than 6 people to add, simply create a new slide and select the “Team/Attendees” layout by right-clicking the slide on the left panel.

2. Tasks Slides

Next, there’re tasks slides. These slides are made to showcase the exact tasks that your company has worked on, or is working on for the customer.

List up to 3 tasks/milestones/issues per slide, with the person-in-charge, the start and end dates, notes, and the progress of each task. To add more tasks, simply duplicate one of the pre-made slides, and edit the orange line to fill or reduce the progress bar.

3. Timeline

Use the timeline slide to showcase the sequence in which tasks were started or completed, when key events have occurred, or what you plan to accomplish in the future.

Edit the length of the orange line and color of the dots to show which events are in the past, and which are planned for the future.

4. Region Data

Use the “World Map” or “US Map” layouts to represent data based on geographical locations. Simply copy and paste the circles to add data for more regions.

5. Mock-Up Slides

Use our mock-up slides to showcase new product features and explain how to make use of them.

We have created laptop, tablet and smartphone mock-up layouts to showcase features on whichever platform they may appear in. To edit the screen image simply click on the current image, delete it, and replace it with an image of your choice.

6. Data and Graphs

Use these pre-made bar charts, line graphs, and pie charts to reflect the metrics and data that you want to
share during your QBR.

Line graphs can be used to show data such as churn rate or product sales over time, while bar and pie charts can
be used to reflect product usage and product ratings.

To customize the graphs with your own metrics, simply right-click the graph and select “Edit Data in Excel”.

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