Tools for Your Customer Success Journey

Strikedeck Newsroom

Looking for Strikedeck in the news? Click here to find all our publications, postings, videos, and more.

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Customer Leaders

Influencers and leaders in the customer-centric economy that shape the way the CS industry expands.

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Download The Essential Handbook for Customer Success

Learn how to achieve Customer Success with The Essential Handbook for Customer Success.

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CS Infographics

Customer Success-related infographics to illustrate the key pieces in CS, retention, and customer engagement.

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Media Kit & Resources

Guidelines for how you can feature Strikedeck, including colors, screenshots, collaterals, and more.

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The Future of Customer Success

This is critical for CS leaders as the SaaS industry continues to evolve, and financial markets place a focused lens on profitability.

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A collection of Customer Success themed content including hand drawn cartoons, our comic series, “My Customer Says…”, a CS Playlist, and inspirational CS Posters.

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Onboard Your Customers the Right Way

Get your customers’ attention, make them feel welcome, and prompt them to take action with these easily customizable messages.

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