Sales vs Customer Success

Customer Success v/s Sales
Sales teams and Customer Success teams don’t always get along. Disagreements are common, and it is easy to believe that their goals are conflicting. However, is that really the case? Can Sales and Customer Success work together towards a common goal? This infographic looks at the common conflicts that occur between the two teams, and how the company can spark teamwork instead of discord.

The Customer Success metrics to track here to make sure teams are hitting their mark is to look at renewals in terms of dollars, and in terms of the number of accounts retained. That way, you can gage if the increase in profits is due to new accounts and the Sales team’s efforts, and whether Customer Success has managed to not only retain accounts, but also expand the revenue each one brings in.

Sales management process is the process of developing a sales force, coordinating sales operations, and implementing sales techniques that allow a business to consistently hit, and even surpass its sales targets. Instead of having Sales only have the responsibility of closing the first deal, and Customer Success responsible for the rest of the account expansion, retention, and upsells, it’s better to share the accountability evenly. To keep Sales engaged in the retention process, CSMs should notify Sales when there’s an opportunity to upsell within that account. That way, it’s in their best interest to keep up with the sales success. As such, onboarding and kickoffs are team events that maintain relationship continuity for the customer. Another way CS can nurture a positive partnership with Sales is to provide them help to close upsell and cross-sell with supporting data and analysis.

An effective Sales Engagement Model will optimize the revenue growth of a company by clearly identifying the target customers. By getting Sales and CS on the same page is a system that both parties can log into to view past actions, account history, and live customer health. If there is a system of record and planning for goals moving forward, everyone will be on the same page and accountable to each other for their part in pushing the agenda forward for each account.
A shift is occurring, Sales and CS are working closely together to drive company growth and success. Take the time to understand what Sales needs from CS and what CS needs from Sales, and focus some attention on handoffs metrics and aligning objectives.