“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”

John F. Kennedy

Customer Success is predicated on your relationships with your clients, and the holiday season is the perfect time to make sure they know how much you value the relationship. This is the perfect time to think about giving them a token of your appreciation without them wondering about your motive. This proactive outreach will let them know that you have them on your mind, even when doing business isn’t the paramount concern at the moment.

These tokens of appreciation don’t have to break the bank, and can be as easy as sending a personalized message or providing a small discount off of their next bill. To demonstrate your gratitude to your clients during this festive time, here are some gift ideas to get your creativity flowing.

1.) Dinner’s On Us

Cost: $100 – $200 (depends on location and group size)

Meeting the customer in person for dinner demonstrates that you’re willing to take the time to hear their perspective and learn their pain points. If it’s outside the office allows you to get to know your client on a more personal basis, and will help you develop a stronger business relationship. If meeting in person isn’t possible, sponsor a treat for their office when one of their business milestones is met. That way, you’re celebrating their successes as if they are your own.

2.) Shine a Customer Spotlight

Cost: $0

Write a glowing review of the customer’s business and highlight them on your corporate blog and social media. Not only is it free publicity for your client, it also shows that you’re proud to be working with them, and understand their business inside and out.

3.) Inspirational Words for the New Year: Personalized Fortune Cookies

Cost: Starts at $23 for 150 Cookies

With the Kansas City Fortune Cookie Factory, you can customize up to fifteen different sayings and put your branding on the wrappers, sending positive messages to all members of the client’s team. A fun and unique way to reach out, fortune cookies are an appropriate gift year-round.

4.) Words From the Heart

Cost: $0

If budgets are tight, a handwritten note on nice stationery shows you’ve taken the time out of your busy schedule to think of your customer. While emails feel impersonal, handwritten notes show that you sincerely value their business and think of them as people, not just as part of your bottom line. If you have many customers and are short on time, even a personal phone call will give the same effect.

5.) A Personalized Gift with Their Name, Not Yours!

Cost: ~$50 – $100

It can serve to be all about them. Personalized gifts like mugs, pens, or drawstring bags go a long way since they’re usable and possibly re-giftable, saving your clients the hassle of finding appropriate gifts for their clients. You’ll be remembered for making their lives easier, and they’ll thank you with their continued business.

6.) Food for Thought

Cost: ~$15

A great read like BrainScripts by Drew Eric Whitman, never goes amiss, and is ubiquitously applicable in every business setting. Everyone can stand to learn a bit more about the connection between human psychology and sales, especially since it can help us in every aspect of our lives. Check out our Winter Reading List for some of our favorite book recommendations.

7.) Monthly Recurring Resource

Cost: ~$15

Magazine subscriptions are the gift that keeps giving. Every month, another issue arrives, reminding your customer of the gift and leaving them with a renewing positive impression of you. There are publications for every type of industry, so you have a plethora of options to choose from. It’s a thoughtful gift that will have lasting impact for months to come.

8.) Give the Gift of Charity

Cost: Increments of $25

A Kiva gift card allows the receiver to make a loan to people in more than 80 countries so they can start businesses, go to school and improve life for their families. Your client will be able to support a borrower of their choice, and once the loan is repaid, they can choose another cause to support. Kiva allows your client to make impactful changes from right at home, and gives them a great story to bring their office together. An added bonus is that it will unite you and your client in the pleasure of doing a good deed together.

9.) An Extra Set of Hands

Cost: $30

At Fancy Hands, you can get your customer an online personal assistant to take five time-consuming tasks off their hands. Your customers will appreciate you making their lives easier, especially during the busy holiday season, and the positive vibes will be a great boost for your business relationship. Anyone will appreciate Fancy Hands, a cost-effective and efficient solution for your gifting needs.

10.) Discounts! Coupons! Credits!

Cost: $0

A freebie from your company is the simplest gift because it requires minimal effort to arrange. Everyone loves being given an unexpected bonus, and a surprise that positively affects their bottom line is a universal crowd-pleaser. It’s possible to even offer a free trial of an upgrade to your product in the hopes that your customer will find it useful and up their subscription. You have complete flexibility in how you want to structure your present, so get creative!

What do you think of our recommendations? What is the best gift you’ve ever given or received? Let us know your thoughts below.