Strikedeck Integrates with Segment to Optimize Customer Experience, Capture Insights, and Manage Interactions for Customer Success

New Partnership and Integration Creates Seamless Flow of Data into Strikedeck 360 Dashboard

Sunnyvale, CA, USA – WEBWIRE – Tuesday, April 30, 2019 – ORIGINAL POST

Strikedeck, the most advanced platform enabling companies to drive Customer Success, today announced a partnership and product integration with Segment, the customer data infrastructure company, to gain further insight into customers and provide optimized customer experiences (CX). The integration between Strikedeck and Segment is available through Segment, and enables seamless, automated data transfer into the Strikedeck platform without requiring coding or customization of any kind.

Segment collects, unifies, and connects first-party data from various sources—websites, mobile apps and servers—to provide companies with a consistent pipeline of clean and standardized first-party customer data. Now the collected data and customer profiles from Segment can be automatically imported into Strikedeck. The additional data complements the Strikedeck 360° Dashboard understanding of the CX and the ability to initiate notifications, actions, and workflows customized to customer intelligence. The data also adds to the advanced customer analytics and reporting functions of Strikedeck.

“Integrating with Segment delivers rich data and powerful insights to augment the intelligence already gathered in Strikedeck,” said Shreesha Ramdas, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Strikedeck. “We are excited to partner with Segment and help companies gain a deeper understanding of their customers and add to their ability to provide the best possible customer experience with high levels of retention and strong potential for expanded business.”

Strikedeck already integrates data from other corporate systems, including CRM, support, and billing, while also serving as a system of record for all interactions, observations, and activities of the Customer Success team. Adding centralized Segment intelligence to Strikedeck broadens and deepens the understanding of each customer, enabling Strikedeck to provide more comprehensive profiling and analytics, more detailed reporting, alerts for new aspects of CX, and additional triggers for automating tasks or workflow assignments.

Strikedeck is a powerful and comprehensive Customer Success solution, enabling businesses to increase customer trust and loyalty, improve retention and expand sales potential. The Strikedeck platform takes a fresh approach to increasing customer engagement with the latest technologies, including automated workflow, machine learning, predictive analytics, usage tracking, surveys, swift personalization and integration with other systems.

The integration with Segment is available for the Enterprise edition of Strikedeck, and it is immediately available in the Segment Partner Catalog – For more information, see

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Strikedeck is a Customer Success platform that helps businesses deliver outstanding customer experiences while maximizing the value of their customer relationships. Founded by industry veterans with a proven track record in marketing automation, Strikedeck has enabled innovative customer-focused companies to optimize the deployment of precious resources to reduce churn, grow revenue, and maximize customer lifetime value. For more information, see