Media Kit & Resources

Here’s how you can represent Strikedeck, and our beloved mascot, Woody the Pileated Woodpecker, in the press.
We appreciate your commitment to helping us maintain consistent branding.

Like Woody, we will be relentless in our quest to help our customers succeed with theirs.

Our Logo

We are proud of our logo and we hope that you will do your best to keep it looking good!

The Strikedeck logo is made up of the woodpecker and the company name.

The woodpecker should be perched on the top half of the “S”.

In proportion to the height of the “K”, the woodpecker should be 3.5x the height.

Our Name

Our name is Strikedeck, not “StrikeDeck”, “strikedeck”, “STRIKEDECK” or variants thereof.

You can say that you “work with Strikedeck” or that your “application is integrated with Strikedeck”,
but please DO NOT use our name as part of your application.

That said, we would appreciate it if you let us know that you are using our name.
We just want to be friends. Send us an email at [email protected].

Our Icon

The woodpecker may be used alone as an icon.

We know that our woodpecker may be a little long for certain use cases.
Therefore, we don’t mind if you crop off the tail of the woodpecker and place it in a circle.
DO NOT Crop off more than one-third of the woodpecker or Crop off the head of the woodpecker

Exclusion Zone

Using the height of the “K” as a guide, the should be 2 “K”s spacing up and down from the text, and 1 “K” spacing left and right from the edges of the logo.


Our preferred font for any material related to Strikedeck would be Avenir Light
or any other Avenir variations, including Avenir Next.

However, if you do not have access to Avenir, we do not mind you using a similar font, Muli Light
or any other Muli variations.


These are the 3 main colors used in our logo.

Hex #0061A2
RGB 0,97,162
CMYK 100,40,0,36

Hex #0FB1EE
RGB 15,177,238
CMYK 94,26,0,7

Hex #E40016
RGB 228,0,22
CMYK 0,100,90,11

As a general rule, dark blue should be the prominent color, followed by light blue, and red may be used as an accent.

Alternatively, the red may be omitted in predominantly grey, black or white color schemes.

Logo Variations

There are two variations of our logo and icon, as shown below.

You may use these variations when placing our logo in front of a darker background.


Please avoid the following:

Rotating the woodpecker

Using the logo without the woodpecker

Compressing the logo or woodpecker

Using our colored logo in front of a dark background

Proper Use Cases

Here are a few examples of our logo used correctly:

User Interface Screenshots

You may use our UI screenshots to create mock-ups of our product in use.

Thanks for reading through our entire style guide!
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