Here’s how you can represent Strikedeck, and our beloved mascot, Woody the Pileated Woodpecker, in the press. We appreciate your commitment to helping us maintain consistent branding. Like Woody, we will be relentless in our quest to help our customers succeed with theirs.

Brand Assets

Our Name

This is how we call ourselves:


Not “StrikeDeck”, “strikedeck”, “STRIKEDECK” or variants thereof.

You can say that you “work with Strikedeck” or that your “application is integrated with Strikedeck”, but please don’t use our name as part of your application.

That said, we would appreciate it if you let us know that you are using our name. We just want to be friends. Send us an email at

Our Logo


  • The Strikedeck logo is made up of the woodpecker and the company name.
  • The woodpecker is perched on the ‘S’ of Strikedeck
  • The proportion of the woodpecker is 2x by 4.5x.
  • The font height is 1.5x, with the woodpecker above the font and 2x below it, while touching the ‘S’ on the right.
  • A minimum padding of 0.5x should be maintained around the logo.
Brand & Logo Guidelines

You can use the following variants of our logo

logo_guidelines_woody_only Just Woody
logo_guidelines_blackbg For dark backgrounds
logo_guidelines_subtext Full logo with subtext
Colors & Typography

Our preferred font is Open Sans. We use Avenir to make up our logo text, as well as on our website.

Our primary colors are derived from our logo, supported by black, white, and dark gray.


Media Resources

The Woodies: Our Woodpecker Family


User Interface Screenshots

Customer Success Posters

Here are some posters about Customer Success. Feel free to use them, but please don’t forget to mention your source!


Customer Success Infographics

Looking to learn more about Customer Success? Check out these infographics!


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