The Best CSMs…

How to become the best CSMs?
The best Customer Success Managers (CSMs) ensure that their customers achieve their desired goals and outcomes through the company’s products, and have a positive overall experience with the company. If done the right way, CS teams can be responsible for much higher customer retention rates, which allows the company to maintain more of its existing revenue. So, what exactly are the traits that differentiate “The Best” CSMs from the average? This infographic suggests four ways in which you can better serve your customers as a CSM, and improve their experience with the company. They are:

  1. Know your customer inside out
  2. Know how to solve customer problems
  3. Have thorough product knowledge
  4. Convey feedback

Customer Success Management is the active management of customer relationships toward their desired outcome. CSMs help in proactively achieving customer success goals. If your customers succeed, so does your company. The goal of the Customer Success team is to make sure that customers are happy with your product, and help them achieve their business goals using it. Typically, Customer Success goals fall into three broad categories: reducing churn, increasing expansion revenue, and improving customer satisfaction.

With the right CSM tools, each CSM can optimize accounts proactively, and work on building relationships with the clients that are not just predicated on fixing bugs. The best way to do this is to allow customers to help themselves. Create help documentation that prompts them in the product, right by each critical feature, so that they never feel like they’re stumbling around in the dark. Mapping customer success journey is one of the customer success best practices. Besides, tracking customer data helps in understanding the customer experience. In understanding what your company is selling and delivering to your customer, the need of customer satisfaction comes in the forefront. Customer Success Management best practices are focused towards reducing the cost of acquisition, retaining the customer, and ensuring that the customer is happy.

All these boils down to one simple understanding and that is, to be the best Customer Success Managers or client success manager, they have to serve the customer in the best possible way. Since, CSMs are the ones to face the customers, listen to their issues and get them sorted, turning them into happy, loyal customers and advocates of your products and services. In a CSM client relationship it’s best to make the experience more personalized. Instead of using the conversation to promote your product, listen to their concerns and give them information that pertains to their specific situation. One of the client onboarding best practices is to focus on building a stronger relationship with clients, as it is the best way to set the tone of your relationship.