The Customer Success Playlist

Customer Success tips, tricks, and strategy ‘plays’ inspired by popular (or in some cases, not so popular songs). Why? Because who hasn’t been in the situation of “I’m not the Only One” (competitors in your accounts) or serving as the “Cheerleader” for your clients? Enjoy!

“Hello” by Adele

“Hello. It’s Me,” Says Every Department in Every Company

The line in “Hello” by Adele that goes: “I must have called a thousand times” is absolutely a phrase to which anyone in Customer Success can relate. Not only do we sometimes call excessively, but we too are called incessantly by our customers in return! In order to maximize Customer Success efforts, we need to focus on tightening up why we are reaching out to customers, when we are doing it, what we expect to accomplish, and then work collectively as ONE company to do it.

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“Try Everything” by Shakira

Nobody Learns Without Getting It Wrong

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, things can go wrong in our CS endeavors. The important thing is to not give up, but instead keep taking another shot. Don’t get discouraged; sometimes you will make mistakes, and some customers may churn. If you keep learning throughout the experience, you’ll become better at ensuring Customer Success.

“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Marvin Gaye and Tami Terrell

If You Need Me Call Me, No Matter Where You Are

In business, certain barriers can sometimes seem insurmountable. However, when our customers need something done, we move mountains to make it happen. In the same fashion, if we make sure to be there for them come hell or high water, they in return will be there for us, month after month, renewing, advocating, and engaging with our product.

“Kill ‘Em With Kindness” by Selena Gomez

Put Out the Fire Before Igniting

The next time your customer is giving you a piece of their mind, remember this song. It’s difficult to be kind when the world is giving you a hard time, but it’s universally the best response in the face of any unpleasantness. If you turn the other cheek and keep on moving, people will respect your attitude, and will hopefully reply in kind. This is also the best customer retention strategy!

“We Are Family” by Sister Sledge

Connecting Globally Dispersed Teams

While Customer Success revolves around the customer, an equally important factor is team morale. If there is a pervasive attitude of each person for themselves, the unity of your department will be sorely lacking. The answer is to make your team feel like family. Support one another, collaborate, and find ways to make work enjoyable, and you’ll find that that positive feeling permeates to your customer relationships as well!

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“Surprise Yourself” by Jack Garratt

Going Beyond Instant Gratification

We’ve come to find “instant gratification” and convenience a normal part of everyday culture. We can instantly order food and have it delivered, call a ride in one click, and even get a date with a swipe. The unintended consequences of instantly getting what you want, and without a lot of effort begs the question: will people have the willpower, the discipline, the tenacity, and the drive to stick it out when things get tough, especially in business? The key in Customer Success is to push yourself beyond instant gratification, stick it out when things get tough, and perhaps even “surprise” yourself along the way.

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“Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake

Leveraging Your “Gut” Feeling for Customer Health

CSMs shouldn’t ever ignore their instincts when it comes to their customers. More often than not, a CSM will have a gut feeling about a customer’s health, even without any quantifiable data to back it up. The best thing to do in these situations is to trust yourself, and count on your efforts to get you through the best and the worst of it. Even if the KPIs aren’t registering the trouble, know that you’ve got an eye on the data and a finger on the pulse!

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“Treat You Better” by Shawn Mendes

9 Qualities of Extraordinary CSMs

What really separates the extraordinary CS professionals from the ordinary? What is that little bit of “extra” these individuals possess? Here are the 9 best qualities a CSM should have: 1. Curious / Big Picture Thinkers, 2. Creative Solution-ists, 3. Listeners, 4. Patient, 5. Proactive Communicators, 6 Act with Urgency, 7. Hard Working, 8. Respectful, & 9. Genuine

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“Dead in the Water” – Ellie Goulding

7 Tips to Deal With Customers Who Are a Bad Fit

Customer Success is not a division. It’s a philosophy and a mindset by the company to put customers first. However, what happens when other teams impact the longer goals (retention and growth) in a not so positive way? What happens when you have an account that is ‘Dead in the Water’? Here are the steps: 1. Make sure the account is really dead. 2. Set Realistic Expectations 3. Engage with other teams, including Sales 4. Fix the Source 5. Build the right incentives from the TOP

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“Here’s to the Zeros” – Marianas Trench

What Do the Fibonacci Sequence, Elon Musk, and Customer Success All Have in Common?

All three start from zero and spiral in growth exponentially, as everything (even nature) needs a place to start: the zero point of change. If there’s one torch that CS professionals should be lighting, it’s this: CS is not the responsibility of one; it’s the responsibility for everyone. Customer Success is a value and a philosophy for companies to live by where every single division has a responsibility to put customers first. Each and every person within the CS profession has the responsibility of being the Fibonacci point of change and education in this space. We must drive the evolution of what CS is and what it is not, and we must educate and help others within our businesses to understand this.

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“Thinking Out Loud” – Ed Sheeran

3 Must Do’s Before Buying CS Software

Discussing ideas and potential solutions out loud with your peers allows you to hear diverse perspectives and other options you might not have considered. Before heading into one of these discussions, or coming close to signing a purchase order, first know these three things: why you need the software, how to understand your customer journey and the data needed, and finally, which internal teams you will need to collaborate with.

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“The One” – The Chainsmokers

Is Segmentation a Past Art for Customer Success?

Companies like Facebook and Google create user experience interfaces that reflect a unique configuration for each unique visitor, that’s tailored based on past interactions with the platform. Should CS be attempting to replicate the same thing? Obviously, it’s much easier to do when this customization is built into the code, but there is an opportunity for less risk, more value garnered, and increased growth as a result. The goal is to have each individual user of your SaaS solution have a tailored experience based on what actions they have taken in your software. Wouldn’t it be great have the software prompt an individual to try out the sections that are most likely to offer them value?

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As the Vice President for Customer Success at Medrio (a San Francisco based SaaS company that enables clinical studies to be built online without any custom development, studies can be ready in days vs. weeks), Lauren leads the charge for CS as a value (not a division) of a company. It’s her passion to ensure that Customer Success leaders have a seat at the table and that all divisions contribute to an amazing customer experience, since it can’t be accomplished without the whole company being customer focused. True to her passion, she shares her experiences with others via her blog: The CS Playlist.

Lauren Costella

VP of Customer Success, Medrio