The Onboarding Timeline

Onboarding Timeline
Every company has their own onboarding process, depending on how long their product or service takes to implement, and what needs to happen to get their customer to derive first value. Strikedeck spreads the Onboarding time frame over eight weeks, but we know that many companies take more time than this. In fact, we pride ourselves on being able to onboard customers much faster than this. That being said, you can rearrange the timeline for these events, and squeeze or extend it as needed. The most important piece of onboarding is the various training sessions that can take place over video webinars, help sessions, and more to make sure that the customer becomes self-sufficient, and can get the benefits desired as soon as possible.

The goal of onboarding is to get people using your product in the most productive and self-sufficient way. Client onboarding process is about welcoming new clients to your business and swiftly assess each customers’ business and knowing how to proceed with their personalized onboarding process. Customer onboarding is the number one step in familiarizing the customer with your product and setting on sail to achieve their desired goals. Besides, it is the crucial stage as most of the customers tend to churn during the customer onboarding process due to mismanagement of customer expectations. Onboarding plan should go beyond setup and use of the product, with the end goal of sustained value derived over time.

A client onboarding checklist presents a roadmap of how to move forward with a new client and also about strengthening the relationship. The client onboarding process flow includes first interaction, details about the product, product usage, check in and initial success. First interaction aims towards understanding what success means to the customer. Client onboarding checklist contains identify your product’s value proposition, introducing your value proposition, welcome users, giving a tour of your product, setting expectations, introducing resources to users, taper off contact slowly, showing users how much you value them and so on.

In order to improve your onboarding process, it’s extremely important to use onboarding survey questions. Firstly, get to know as to why they selected you instead of the others in the market. Then, the most important question is to know how successful has your product been in delivering as per your customer’s expectations. Finally, try to get more clarity on how they want your product to function for them, it’s more about value realization. And then there is the last question about recommending your product to others in their contact. These customer satisfaction survey questions for service industry play a vital role in having a firm footing in the market amidst competitors.

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