Upsells Are Easy – If You Do It Right

Customer Upsells or Cross-sell
Upsells are a key component of many business models. Getting customers to purchase add-ons and pay premiums can help to substantially increase business revenue. But how do you go about upselling, in an effective manner, without being pushy? This infographic gives you some simple tips on how to upsell your product to your customers to earn those extra bucks. Here’s how to go about with upselling or cross-selling:

  • Know exactly what they want to achieve, so that you can work towards it
  • Find the ones who can pay for what you’re offering, and make sure they are receiving value
  • Inform them about the new addition, and ask for the sale when appropriate

Customer Success management is the solution for establishing strong relationships with your customers, and gaining a quantifiable return on investment. By helping your customers realize the increased value from your product or service, they are more likely to increase the number of licenses they purchase, resulting in increased revenue. Most industries now recognize the growth potential of Customer Success.

Typically, Customer Success goals fall into three broad categories: reducing churn, increasing expansion revenue, and improving customer satisfaction. Customer relations and communication over time is a key factor in creating happy customers who gain from the use of your product. Customer Success cannot be the responsibility of one small organization. Instead, every employee in the company has to share a customer-centric mindset, and know what their role is in the customer experience framework.

The end goal is to keep customers happy with continuing use of the solution. A potential idea is to implement a companywide framework for happy customers that will drive a cultural shift. Every employee in the company is certified, and understands that a happy customer is one who adopts the solution and receives ongoing value.

Customer support automation can be more effective to allow customers to have self-service access to upsells. By sending out reminders or notification at the right time with links to an order page. You need to setup triggers, alerts and recommended actions. For example: you could setup an alert for your CSMs to react quickly when a customer logs a support issue. You could create an automated trigger to reach out to customers with a quick customer survey after the support issue is resolved. You could create an alert to notify you when your contact at a customer is changed. As a best practice, you may want to set up periodic outreach, as simple as NPS surveys.