Wearing Too Many Hats? Let a CS Platform Help!

Customer Management Platform
Sometimes as a CS professional, there are more things to achieve in a day than are humanly possible. Under those circumstances, it’s worthwhile to think about implementing a Customer Success platform that can take a load off your back by automating repetitive tasks, and allowing you to program the system so it can keep you up to date on your customers with scheduled alerts. A CS Platform can take on the role of a Support Agent, by integrating with a ticketing platform, send emails like an Email Marketer, act like an Analyst by creating intuitive visualizations, and much more.

A Customer data platform draws in data from multiple sources, sorts it and combines to create a single customer profile. A customer data platform acts as a marketer’s solutions for complete customer data segmentation. In order to acquire, grow and retain customers, customer insights platform interpret and evaluate behavioral-demographic segments for acquisition. A customer insights platform aims at increasing the effectiveness of a product or service for the consumer, as well as helps in identifying and growing customer value through cross-sell and upsell, it also helps in identifying customers who will generate the highest lifetime value and also customers who are at risk of churning.

In this infographic we get to see the different roles in a CS platform like:

Email Marketer: Leverage on automated Customer Success marketing campaigns to proactively and consistently engage with customers.

Demand Generator: A Demand Generator will facilitate sending customer success leads and help the Sales team close high-quality deals more efficiently.

Support Agent: Are responsible to answer customer inquiries through knowledge base and support tickets in order to resolve customer issues. They help in increasing the efficiency of customer support.

Database Marketer: A Database Marketer creates a strong contact database and implements personalized communication.

Analyst: Carry out in-depth analysis. It can be facilitated through dashboards with scores to measure usage pattern of users using key metrics.

A Customer Management Platform is about how an organization carries out its customer-facing activities. The rate of growth of a customer is directly proportional to the growth of the company. As such, the company’s performance reflects the quality of the customers’ experience. The more dissatisfied customers a company has, the higher the risk of churn. Similarly, the greater the number of happy customers a company accumulates, the more loyal customers, brand advocates, and retained customers. In a customer management process, the focus is on the Strategy, Process, People and Technology of the CSM management, and the relationships between these elements in current practice. Using the right CSM tools the platform automatically tags the most valuable customers, and targets the high value customers. All in all the efforts are directed towards extracting more revenue for your customers and your company.