Which Type of CS Manager Are You?

Which Type of CS Manager Are You?
This infographic shows four types of CSMs, they are the Marathoner, Engineer, Firefighter, and Doctor. They are some of the most widespread archetypes of Customer Success Managers.

  • The Marathoner are the ones that keep pushing for success
  • The Engineer are the ones that love to find new ways to improve customer experience
  • The Doctor are the ones that closely measure the customer health
  • The Firefighter are the ones who are capable of facing any situation, even the one that is control

A Customer Success Manager’ job description includes much more than merely knowing the product your company offers; they need to be able to engage effectively with customers on a daily basis, and proactively anticipate their needs. Additionally, they need to have the ability of troubleshooting and problem solving, as well as the patience to deal with the daily inquiries that will be the basis for maintaining ongoing dialogue with their accounts. Since many CSMs come from a variety of backgrounds, any prevalent experience in this regard is essential. A CS Manager has to carry out functions such as Onboarding, training, providing updates on the industry, predicting churn in advance and ensuring that customers use your product or service and are happy with it. If not, they should discover the problem and take remedial measures. This is similar to customer service but it’s more proactive in nature. A CSM should be skillful to identify opportunities to optimize the use of the product. The position of a CSM demands working in collaboration with the Implementation, Support and Sales teams.

A customer support manager helps in developing and implementing a customer service policy for an entire organization. His prime role is to monitor and come up with ways to measure customer satisfaction and improve services. He can also be responsible for managing a team of customer service staff and getting involved in handling face-to-face enquiries from customers.

Whereas, a Client Success Manager (CSM) plays an essential role in developing and managing ongoing partnerships with the CS client base. This role is responsible for building relationships with clients in an effort to maintain a high level of client satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer Success Management is the active management of customer relationships toward their desired outcome. Customer Success Managers (CSMs) proactively help customers reach their goal. They encourage customers to renew their subscription, and upgrade their contract. The goal of the Customer Success team is to make sure that customers are happy with your product, and help them achieve their business goals using it.