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May 2017

Now that the first quarter of 2017 is on the books, and the second in full swing, Strikedeck is looking for new ways to make our customers more successful.

What are your goals for the next quarter?
Are Big Data, Predictive Analytics, & Social Media Getting in the
Way of Basic Marketing?

Shreesha is interviewed by Forbes'
Kimberly Whitler on Marketing & CS
Customer Success: The Path to Pricing Success
Our CEO, Shreesha Ramdas, discusses
how the CS team is the key to
implementing optimal pricing strategies.
On the Blog
CS and the Currency of Communication
by Joseph Palumbo; CS Exec

Measuring What Matters In CS
by Eraj Siddiqui; Director of Adoption, Autodesk

Interview with a Success Engineer
by Sonia Siganporia; Strikedeck
Content on the Go

Strikedeck Radio - Podcast with Lauren Costella, VP of CS at Medrio
Infographic - 5 Easy Tips for
Customer Onboarding

Templates - Templates for every
CS Scenario

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