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Customer Success Platform

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Best Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Unify Customer Data

With Strikedeck’s 360° Customer Success dashboard, you’ll have a single, unified system of record for each and every customer. Real-time health scoring will help identify key customers, and alert you to critical status changes.

Customer Success Platform

Integrate Data Sources Swiftly

One-click integrations with over 50 apps, including Salesforce, Zendesk, Google, Jira, Desk, Marketo, Freshdesk, Act-On, and more remove the burden of facilitating consolidations in-house, with 8+ ways to transfer data, including building custom connectors.

Automate Daily Workflows

Simple, visual, and powerful trigger & action-based workflows can be programmed to efficiently target customer groups and tailor campaigns across your user base. Streamline daily operations with tasks, playbooks, and outreach triggers that are truly automated.

Customer Success Platform
Customer Success Platform

Segment Customers Intuitively

Strikedeck’s vast library of segmentation criteria utilizes any and all customer data points, so you can easily create segments with any number of specific attributes, customize your approach for subsets of the user base, prioritize particular cohorts, and personalize outreach.

Create Status & Value Reports

Build and share usage analytics and milestone reports, which can include any visualization in the platform, with stakeholders, executives, or even customers. Automatically generate reports into Word, Powerpoint, or PDF formats, and personalize them with specific user data.

Customer Success Platform
Customer Success Platform

Connect with Customers

Utilize emails, surveys, SMS, Slack, in-app notifications, and more to connect with customers where they are. Enable personalization and hyper-targeting based on the customer data gathered from different data sources like CRM, survey feedback, and product usage trackers.

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The Beginner's Guide to Customer Success

A 200+ page comprehensive resource for any professional looking to transition into Customer Success, or get a refresher in the essentials of the field

The Essential Handbook for Customer Success Management

44 pages of wisdom and advice – tips, tricks and techniques – gleaned from contemporary Customer Success leaders

The Big Book of CS Infographics

Strikedeck’s Big Book of CS Infographics is jam-packed with over 50 of our best, easy-to-digest infographics that cover every area of Customer Success imaginable

10 Tips for Crafting a Killer Onboarding Process

A compilation of the 10 best tips and strategies to make customers feel important, and get them to first value in as little time as possible

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Bloom Energy

Customer Success Templates

Our library of 20+ templates help you break down Customer Success operations, and traverse the customer journey

Customer 360 Excel Template

Strikedeck’s Customer 360 Template was made to be the one-stop solution for all your basic Customer Success needs

Customer Success Financial Modeling Template

This Excel template was built to help you manage your CS financial needs, including your hiring quotas, expansion plans, and budgets.

QBR PowerPoint Template

A template designed to help you create an impressive and memorable presentation for your next QBR meeting

Onboard With Customer Success Automation

These 21 free, and ready to use, email templates help you onboard your customers effectively, and put a smile on their faces

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