Happiness Score

Bring Your Own Data

Strikedeck’s BYOD solution easily implements all of your business processes and data fields within our extensible data architecture. A unique and proprietary metadata driven approach enables us to take your instance live within days. Our platform adapts to your domain, so that Customer Success teams get the benefit of a familiar environment with comprehensive coverage of client data.

Customize Customer Happiness

Monitor customer happiness with our modifiable customer health formula that reflects customer satisfaction in real-time. You provide the inputs and weightage, and our proprietary algorithm will take in data from many sources, including usage, support, billing, contracts, and CRM, to compute a happiness index. Strikedeck applies machine learning to examine historical patterns and apply them to the current customer base.

Automate Workflows and Segmentation

Simple, visual, and powerful workflows allow you to segment customers and take action with tailored campaigns across your user base. Daily operations are streamlined with automated tasks, playbooks, and outreach triggers. Create and share reports that increase renewals, accelerate upgrades, and keep tabs on customer satisfaction.

Integrate Data Sources In a Flash

One click integrations with Salesforce, Zendesk, Jira, Desk, Marketo, Freshdesk, Acton, and many others remove the burden of facilitating consolidations in-house. Strikedeck simplifies customer data collection, while seamlessly blending with your product so that you can utilize inline support, knowledge base, and help features.

Track Churn and Profile Trends

Swiftly identify at-risk customers and take immediate action to prevent churn. Access usage, cohort, support, and renewal insights right from the central dashboard. Personalized alerts ensure that you are aware of critical issues in as soon as they occur.

Helping customers become wildly successful with our products is our #1 priority. Strikedeck allows us to integrate multiple data sources into a single dashboard, giving us an measurable and actionable customer success scorecard.

Francis Adanza

Vice President, Marketing, Zephyr

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