The Active Customer Experience

As a Customer Success Manager, you understand the importance of maintaining a strong relationship with your client. While prioritizing customer satisfaction may seem like a simple task, it’s easier said than done. According to a 2011 Oracle Customer Experience Impact Report, only one percent of consumers feel that their customer experience expectations are always met.

With that in mind, here are six common mistakes to avoid as a CSM, and how to fix them:

1.) Not listening to your customer.

Just as listening to your spouse is important for a strong marriage, listening to your customer is central to building a strong business relationship. What seems like an obvious solution is actually often overlooked in both cases. As a CSM, misunderstanding or diminishing your customer’s issues can quickly aggravate them and break your client’s trust.

An good fix is to try making the experience more personalized. Instead of using the conversation to promote your product, listen their concerns and give them information that pertains to their specific situation. Take notes during the conversation. Your customer will be pleasantly surprised when you show that you’ve remembered details about them and bring it up in a later conversation.

2.) Being reactive, rather than proactive.

Keeping up with the customer and their experience helps you tackle problems before they arise. As a CSM, understanding the difference between Customer Success and Customer Support is vital. Customer Support helps consumers after they reach out to the company to voice a concern. In fact, most customers don’t report when they are having issues with a product, before they’re already halfway out the door and into the arms of your competitor.

Customer Success is a preemptive solution that detects and solves issues even before they are reported. It is your responsibility as a CSM to reach out to the customer on a regular basis and find out if they are experiencing difficulties with your product. If a customer ever gives feedback to your company, always make sure to have a follow up call or email exchange to let the customer know that their opinion was heard. When your customer feels valued they are more likely to become a loyal member.

Customer Success Mistakes

3.) Over-engaging with your customer.

“Virtue is the golden mean between two vices, the one of excess and the other of deficiency.” – Aristotle

While routine check-ups are key to understanding your customer’s needs, over-engaging with your customers will quickly irritate them. Respect that your customers have other commitments or priorities, and find the right balance to keep in contact. Avoid having the same exact conversation every time you contact them.

Monotonous conversations will make your customers question the importance of your calls. Change up your line of questioning, and make sure to follow up on their previous issues. Variety will keep your customer interested. Finding the perfect median to keep in touch with your customers will mutually benefit both parties.

4.) Not interacting with customers through their preferred medium of communication

Many clients often go to social media to voice their issues and concerns. If you decide to schedule a call or email in response to their complaints, chances are the customer would have already decided to look elsewhere to find a solution. More often than not, this means turning to your competitors.

Staying active and present in the channels that your customers frequently use will help you deliver a fast Customer Success experience that adheres to your customer’s preferred network. In fact, several social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook are coming out with group features so you can communicate smoothly with all your customers within their chosen environment.

Customer Issues

5.) Overpromising and Under Delivering

This is one of the simplest ways to keep your customers satisfied and unfortunately, one of the most overlooked. Most businesses over promise to give their customers a false-sense of confidence that they are working at an efficient rate. Adversely, not following through on a deadline that you had promised the client is even worse than delivering it slowly, but on time.

Broken promises result in your credibility deteriorating over time. Always be truthful about how much you can accomplish. On the flip side, under promising and over delivering is a sure-fire way to exceed your client’s expectations. Understate how much you will accomplish and make it a point to do a few more tasks than what you originally stated.

A CS Game-Plan

All these mistakes are avoidable, as long as you mindful of them while interacting with your client. Taking the extra step is all it takes for your customer to feel that they had a stellar customer experience and, in turn, improve your business as a whole. Implementing these five straightforward changes into your Customer Success platform will dramatically change your relationship with your customers for the better.

Have you made any of these mistakes before? Let us know what changes have you made to improve your Customer Success experience!