6 Ways to Simplify Customer Onboarding

How to Simplify Customer Onboarding?
Customer onboarding is one of the most important steps in customer acquisition. It is your first point of contact with your customers, it is where you show them what your platform is capable of and how they can benefit from it. Do it well, and you will have loyal customers who will use your product for months and years to come. Mess it up, and you could lose a potential customer in seconds.

This infographic suggests six easy steps and tips to simplify your onboarding process, so that you can create one that truly engages your new users.

1. Progress Bars: Show customers where they are and how many more steps they need to go.
2. Break it Down: Reduce complex tasks down to small, easy manageable steps and actions.
3. Ask customers for information that you require to get started
4. Demonstrate key features: Bring the key features to the customer’s attention early on.
5. Videos: Create video demonstrations on how to use your product.

The client onboarding process is about welcoming new clients to your business and defining the success criteria based on your knowledge of the sales execution process. A client onboarding checklist serves as a roadmap that helps you build a strong relationship with a new client. It shows customers exactly where they are in the process, and how many more steps till completion. Client onboarding process flow comprises of a repository of client information like entities directors, it also includes identification of records, verification, validation and reviewing.

Client onboarding process template ensures that all product reviews like documentation, tools, educational and training materials are available. It prepares campaigns in accordance with the client’s success criteria. Customer onboarding template is especially designed to help clients organize and automate their customer onboarding process.

Customer onboarding best practices is about understanding customer’ success criteria, setting up expectations, discussing product usage cases, and providing tutorials and documents. Constantly communicate with customers and work on strengthening your relationship with them. Regular customer engagements strengthens the bond by monthly and weekly follow-up activities. Also, work towards achieving first value at the earliest.

The goal of customer onboarding process flow is simple; to get the customer to achieve a goal they value. When the process involved is more complex, this first success might not be the ultimate goal, but a valuable step on the way. A customer onboarding checklist starts with what success means to your customers, working towards gaining first value at the earliest and providing the best support by one-on-one conversation through calls or messaging. Besides, staying in touch by sending notifications based on their journey stage are of great help as well.