7 Traits of the Ideal CS Candidate

Ideal Customer Success Candidate
Hiring for your Customer Success team is no easy task. Every business will have its own unique set of parameters that influence the design of its Customer Success team. Finding someone to manage customer accounts and ensure that they are successful is a task that shouldn’t be taken lightly. This infographic lists seven traits that may help you identify the ideal candidate for a Customer Success job. They are:

  1. They are the voice of the customer
  2. Good ethics and trustworthiness
  3. Ability to deal with unhappy customers
  4. Metrics and documentation
  5. Find a win/win situation
  6. Technical aptitude
  7. Enjoy people

Customer Success is a relatively new term in the business world and businesses are still hustling to get on board. A Customer Success Manager job is to ensure that your organization’s customers are pleased with your product, they use it to its full potential and even take their feedback to diversify or better their services. As opposed to customer service manager job, it’s more proactive in nature.

Your organization’s renewal rate will skyrocket under the aegis of a good Customer Success Manager. Revenues will also increase, thanks to the various upsell opportunities they create, such as additional features, wider projects or added users. They not only engage customers constantly, but they reduce churn rates and build long-term relationships. A customer success manager’ salary varies as per the company. Some companies give a fixed amount whereas, some companies also offer bonus, commission and even profit sharing. But whatever be the pay scale the workload is the same as they are the customer facing people.

A client success manager job is the ideal job for someone who is passionate about working with clients and software products, and has the ability and forethought to exercise sound business judgment, it’s a role that demands multi-tasking and being meticulous at the same time. Being a good listener is the primary requirement as they have to understand clients’ objectives and deliver programs that support these goals. Maintain consistent and clear communication with clients to ensure efficient project implementation for products.

Customer Success Manager roles and responsibilities/Customer Success Manager job description includes:

  • Ensuring all sign ups have their accounts set up correctly and derive first value in doing business with your company
  • Some companies have trial users, so the CS manager has to try converting them to full-time
  • Real-time feedback, including use cases can help the project over the long-term and rid the plan of any flaws as progress continues
  • Customers who are paying, need to receive the most out of the product they’re using. CS managers need to continually keep in touch to ensure that their voices are heard
  • Identifying accounts that could churn beforehand and engaging with them in advance to prevent them from churning

Customer Success Manager career path covers multiple responsibilities as mentioned below:

  • Own overall relationship with assigned clients, which includes increasing adoption, ensuring retention, and maxing satisfaction.
  • Establish a trusted/strategic advisor relationship with each assigned client, and drive continued value of the various products and services.
  • Develop, prepare, and nurture customers for advocacy.
  • Work with clients to establish critical goals, or other key performance indicators and aid the customer in achieving their goals.
  • Work to identify and/or develop upsell opportunities.
  • Advocate customer needs/issues cross-departmentally.
  • Manage programmatic account escalations

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