CS Modeling Excel Template

This template was built to help you manage your CS financial needs, including hiring quotas, expansion plans, and budgets. You can group all your customers into three tiers, calculate your CS budget for the next year, plan your expansion goals, and find out how many CSMs you can afford to hire, all in this one Excel template!

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What’s Inside the Spreadsheet?

1. Customer Tiering
The Tiering tab lets you categorize all your customers into three main tiers; Tier 1, Tier 2 & Tier 3. Simply enter the percentage of customers that should go into each tier, and the formulas will do the rest of the work!
2. Financials
The Financials tab allows you to plan your income, expenses, and growth over the next year. Define your customer acquisition, retention, and expansion costs, and your predicted growth via the customer acquisition and expansion tab to find out how your ARR will grow quarter-over-quarter, and the financial impact associated with this growth.
3. Expansion
The Expansion tab allows you to plan how many customers you need to upsell, and by how much, in order to achieve the expansion goals set in the Financials tab. Define how much of the expansion should be driven by each tier, identify the expansion goals for a specific tier, along with whether or not the goal is attainable.
4. CSM Management
The CSM Management tab allows you to find out how many CSMs you need to hire each quarter, along with how much time they can spend with each customer, by defining what percent of each Tier will be allocated to CSM 1s, 2s and 3s. The spreadsheet will identify how many of each CSM can be hired based on the Expansion and Retention budgets from the Financials tab.
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Tom Lipscomb
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Tom has worked with customers on everything from inter-company business processes to strategies for entire markets from retail to technology.

Having started his career in research, his approach to Customer Success is very data driven. His initial work with customers was designing processes and developing metrics to improve the ease of doing business. He then managed a global customer-facing organization of ~1000 people, which both optimized the performance as recognized by the customer, as well as their internal cost performance, generating $100M of EBITDA in 5 quarters.

In his first formal Customer Success 2.0 role, he drove the definition and vision of success for some of the world’s largest retailers. He also served served as the VP of CS at Datanyze, a sales acceleration company in the San Francisco Bay Area.