A Better Platform for Customer Success

The Customer Success Analytics Software to Spur Customer Growth

Customer Success Redefined

Customer Success occurs when your clients achieve their business goals by using your product offering. Strikedeck’s CS platform equips you with the tools to understand your customer’s usage trends, harness data analytics, assess customer health, prevent churn, and foster key business partnerships, all in one cohesive system.

How Does Customer Success Work?

When your customers succeed, your business succeeds. A Customer Success Manager’s job is to proactively help customers reach their goals, which in turn encourages them to renew their subscription, and upgrade their contract. The CS team bridges the gaps between Sales and Support, and is a key factor in maintaining accounts in the post-sales ecosystem.

The best part of all – Strikedeck’s Customer Success platform seamlessly integrates into your product, so that you can track customer interactions, client satisfaction, and product usage within your application.

Activate the Customer 360

Strikedeck’s central dashboard provides real-time analytics so that you can assess your entire customer base at a glance. Churn risk, as well as upsell and cross-sell candidates, are automatically identified via predictive analytics and machine learning.

Power Customer Happiness

Bring together all the data stored in your application, CRM, support systems, marketing platforms, surveys, interaction streams, billing stores, email, social media, along with any third party offerings that hold your customers’ digital footprint, to compute a live Customer Happiness score.

Automate Daily Workflows

Strikedeck’s automation workflow enables innovative outreach with custom email campaigns, surveys, and in-app notifications. Update customer data objects in any of the target sources, based on key trigger criteria, and leverage pre-existing templates or create new ones on the go.

Template Customer Success

Easily schedule and automate QBRs, customer meetings, tasks, projects, onboarding, milestones, and events on a calendar – everything that is customer-related can be completed all within the same operations hub.

Amplify Customer Reporting

Build and share real-time usage analytics and milestone reports with your customers and executive teams. Clients participate in their own success, bringing visibility to usage trends, segments, and renewal statuses.

Connect with Customers

Run customer advocacy, loyalty, and reactivation campaigns all from the same interface. Strikedeck identifies when a customer is happy to provide referrals, case studies, and testimonials via key engagement touchpoints and tags your most valuable customers.

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