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Redefining Customer Success Software

At Strikedeck, we live and breathe Customer Success. Here’s our take on how organizations should think about Customer Success Software and why it’s important to have it in your DNA.

Why Do You Need Customer Success Software?

Customer Success is a culture. Customer Success software builds, enforces, and facilitates that customer-centric mindset throughout your organization.

What Should Customer Success Software Do For You?

Customer Success Software should be all about automation. When tackling long-tail customers, you cannot afford to have your CS team spend too much time interacting with them – the customer spend does not justify the cost. Instead, these interactions need to be machine driven. For high value customers, the CS team needs to derive insights from automation to figure how to optimally prioritize their time.

When Should You Think About Getting Customer Success Software?

When Should You Think About Getting CS Software?

…When your spreadsheet is more than 15×10.

…When you feel the need to create custom fields in a CRM to execute on Customer Success.

…When survey results don’t look real.

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