Customer Success vs Support

Customer Success vs Customer Support
Customer Success is not Customer Support. What exactly differentiates the two? This infographic lists three ways in which Customer Success is different from support.

  1. Proactive vs reactive
  2. Continuous vs transactional
  3. Revenue vs cost center

Customer support vs customer success: It’s about understanding the difference between Customer Success and Customer Support. Customer Support helps consumers after they reach out to the company to voice a concern. In fact, most customers don’t report when they are having issues with a product, before they’re already halfway out the door and into the arms of your competitors.

Customer Success is a preemptive solution that detects and solves issues even before they are reported. It is the responsibility of a CSM to reach out to the customer on a regular basis and find out if customers are experiencing difficulties with your product. If a customer ever gives feedback to your company, always make sure to have a follow up call or email exchange to let the customer know that their opinions were heard. When your customer feels valued, they are more likely to become a loyal member.

A partnership with CS allows Support to be an informed reactive arm of Customer Success team and keeps customers satisfied without requiring a CSM to be a part of every call. This also helps improve the customer experience so that they don’t have to keep repeating themselves; the relationship history is in their file on the Customer Success platform. In fact, you can even think of the Support team as an early warning system of issues in customer accounts and that can be a great way to capitalize off of the partnership.

One of the Customer Success strategies can be including Customer Support Automation as an early warning system. It enables your teams to set up preventive measures, and apply any corrective measures to prevent problems before they spiral into major issues. Customer Success Metrics predicts a company’s future financial growth and allows it to be more proactive. Typically, Customer Success goals fall into three broad categories: reducing churn, increasing expansion revenue, and improving customer satisfaction.

Customer support team structure are founded on the quality of service as they are focused on increasing satisfaction while decreasing or minimizing customer churn, getting customer feedback, retaining angry or dissatisfied customers. A customer support software can be brought into use as it helps you in keeping track of user requests, helps you in communicating with customers, and keeps you better placed in dealing with other customer support related issues better.