Happiness: The Secret to Optimal Productivity

Happiness, The Secret to Optimal Productivity
When we try to increase our own productivity, it is common for us to try and work harder and longer, take less breaks, and consequently increase our overall stress levels. We all know that it often leads to the entirely opposite result. What then is the best way for us to increase our productivity at the workplace? Is there a secret that the best, most productive employees keep to themselves? This infographic suggests one of the key factors that may be affecting your productivity at work, and in any other area of life; your happiness.

Customer Success teams achieve and elevate the expectations of your new customers by fulfilling the promises made by your Marketing and Sales teams. Your customers will feel valued when they have someone to turn to who is willing to work with them closely to solve any issues. The secret ingredient to their happiness is the solution to their problems that you CS team makes available to them. With and increasing number of your competitors applying Customer Success management techniques in their companies, they will be eager to capture your lost leads. A CS team will help prevent customer poaching.

A good Customer Success process reduces churn and increases your revenue. This is extremely beneficial for you in churn reduction. By bringing the customer focused view to the rest of the business, your CS executive manages both the revenue growth, and the cost effectiveness required to execute on customer-focused go-to-market plans. Without a holistic approach you are likely to have problems that impact your bottom line. If you aren’t seeing them now, they will show up with the next competitor, downturn, or market shift because customers demand value or they leave.

So, once you know your customers, set your own goals, work upon your weak areas and move to the next step on selecting the apt business metrics to understand the results of your efforts. This can be done by setting targets for each metric and constantly improving the metrics. Try to grasp and learn from the best, even if it is your competitors who are doing really well in providing excellent customer experience. Analyze the weak areas throughout the customer journey. This analysis will give you an insight of where you went wrong and how to overcome it.