How Language Can Improve Customer Experience

How Language Can Improve Customer Experience?
Words convey meaning, and therefore your choice of words when interacting with customers can either greatly improve the customer’s experience with your company, or worsen it. Often, it’s the small daily interactions we have with our clients that shape the overall customer experience.

This infographic offers three scenarios where a small difference in the choice of words can result in much better customer experience. Such as:

  1. Emphasize positive, avoid negative
  2. Offer help, don’t ask for problems
  3. Treat them as humans, not numbers

The amount of resources, time, and effort you devote to the process of customer experience management pays off directly, but most often with increased retention—and with a vote of satisfaction. To improve the customer service experience, it’s a good fix to try to make your customer experience a more personalized service. Instead of using conversation to promote your product, listen to their concerns and give them information that pertains to their specific situation and take notes. Keeping up with the customer and their experience helps you tackle problems before they arise. As a CSM, understanding the difference between Customer Success(CS) and Customer Support is vital. Customer Support helps customers after they reach out to the company to voice a concern. Whereas, CS because of its proactive nature, takes steps well in advance and comes up with solutions before things take the shape up to be problematic.

Customer experience has gained importance in the way we do business. As companies have realized that better customer experience not only helps fight churn, but also results in upsells, cross sells, together with winning more loyal customers who turn out to be advocates for your brand. Therefore, customer experience is an area that needs constant nurturing. Besides, it’s time to pay more attention to customer experience strategy as it all leads to increased revenues.

The majority of your conversation should center on your customer’s goals and how you’re helping them achieve their desired outcomes with your solution. Include a customer experience management organization chart that demonstrates how you are helping them move toward value.

Excellent communication skills are an essential tool in every CS professional repertoire. To be effective, customer communication has to be timely, appropriate and delivered through the right medium. The customer centric view will allow you to show how your team in CS is looking at the customer holistically and proactively monitoring their sentiments. Talk to them in their language, which is data and numbers, and say here’s the solution that will help, this is how it’s going help you in saving money, saving time, and in improving customer retention. This is surely going to greatly help your cause.