How to Accelerate Your Career in Customer Success pt.1

How to Accelerate your Career in CS
Customer Success is a relatively new discipline, and if you’re working in CS, you know that the path to progress in this field is not entirely set in stone. It’s new, it’s growing, it’s evolving. So how exactly would you go about enhancing your skills in Customer Success? This two-part infographic series describes ten simple habits that will help you accelerate your career in CS. Here are the last five habits that speak of: Asking for help, getting results, showing initiative, being patient and keep on challenging yourself.

Soon after the sales/CSM hand-off a Customer Success Manager jobs gets rolling.A CSM becomes responsible to ensure a customer is onboarded and the customer understands the functioning of your product in a clear and concise manner. CSMs have to double check that there is no redundancy or surprising loopholes that can lead to a bad customer experience.

After the initial phase, concerned CSMs will consistently follow up with clients in a manner suited to their individual requirements. They will build rapport and a solid relationship that should ultimately aim towards customer satisfaction and uplifting customer experience. The ultimate goal should be to reduce churn rates and increase renewal rates.As it will directly impact your company’s profits.

A Customer Success Manager job description will contain functions like onboarding, training, providing updates on the industry, predicting churn in advance and ensuring that customers use your product or service and are satisfied with it. Or else come up with new ways to get customers using the product and to benefit from it. Customer service manager’ job description also lies on the same plan as that of a CSM the only difference is that the former’ role is reactive while the latter’ is proactive in nature.

When looking out for a Customer Success job keep an eye for candidates with the ability to win over people quickly this is the skill most required in Customer Success. Move in this job space after you have understood the industry standards of the different roles and the company standards of the different roles. Following are some of the Customer Success job titles such as CEO, Chief Revenue Officer, Chief Customer Officer, Operations Manager (VP / Director), VP/Director/Manager of Customer Success, Customer Success team lead, Customer Success Manager, Customer Success Engineer, Customer Success Analyst, Customer Success Coordinator and so on and many more are created sensing the new requirements of this growing field called CS

An essential role in developing and managing ongoing partnerships with the client base is titled as Client Success Manager. This role is responsible for building relationships with clients in an effort to maintain a high level of client satisfaction and loyalty. A CSM will identify opportunities to optimize the use of the product also find opportunities to upsell and cross-sell. A candidate at this position will collaborate with the Implementation, Support and Sales teams.

As you build your customer success job description look for role-specific industry and technical expertise, people management skills, decision-making skills, analytical thinking and ethics, Planning, time management and organization skills. Everything about the CS roles cannot be learnt in one go, but it’s a continuous process. Where new roles and job descriptions keep getting added throughout the journey. Since every customer and their requirements are different and need different handling techniques.

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