Once we had our data in, we were empowered to talk about health scores, usage patterns, and have alerts come to us ahead of our customers. We were beating the clients – the biggest win for us was the transition from reactive to proactive, and the way the team engaged with our customers.

Damien Howley

VP of Client Success, Passport Inc.

Damien Howley, the VP of Client Success at Passport, shares how using Strikedeck has exponentially increased their cross-sell & upsell revenue and more. Check out the time codes below to hear particular questions in the video recording above.

[5:04]How would you describe what Strikedeck does to a six year old?

[6:03]How is Strikedeck different from a CRM?

[7:44]What made you choose Strikedeck?

[10:29]What were the main things you were looking for in a Customer Success platform?

[12:15]Did you conduct a POC before opting for Strikedeck’s platform?

[13:39]What were some of the features you were able to demo with Strikedeck?

[14:55]What are the main factors you look for to make sure your customers are happy?

[17:30]What are the indicators of your customers getting value?

[19:50]What are some indicators or warning signs that help you get ahead of customer churn?

[20:42]Most businesses wouldn’t notify their clients about problems. You do it differently, why?

[22:20]What type of third party systems are you connecting Strikedeck to?

[23:21]Are there other systems people like to connect to Strikedeck?

[25:18]What are the metrics that show that Strikedeck is really working for you?

[27:45]Is your team responsible in any way to cross sell/upsell into accounts?

[30:50]How do you make sure that the data flowing into Strikedeck and depicts an accurate picture of the customer?

[33:45]What problem(s), if any, does Strikedeck not solve for you?