Outside the B2B tech world, businesses have slowly begun to see the benefits of unifying CX and CS.

For example, one of my firm’s clients, an automotive services company, recently applied CX capabilities to its enterprise-wide CS organization in order to bring greater discipline to its client feedback processes. It went from using three different enterprise feedback tools and a variety metrics and having a CS presence in less than half its business units, to a newly defined, consistent experience across more than a dozen business units. The company rightly knew that if it proactively designed better customer experiences, it would drive brand advocacy, retention and cross-selling that would benefit the entire organization.

As that example shows, moving to a more mature, symbiotic relationship between CX and CS won’t just make your customers happy — it’ll ensure that in the digital era, your business can compete with disruptors within your industry and outside of your industry. By partnering more closely, the two groups will build a customer-centric culture, improve retention and grow revenue and loyalty.